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Astrological Forecast for February 2017

by Lou Valentino

The signs most effected in February of 2017 are Aries, Libra, Aquarius, Leo, Cancer, Virgo and Pisces.

Venus enters Aries on February 3rd giving the Ram some attentions from possible romantic encounters and an increase in abundance. This Venus cycle/transit covers a lot of time. Normally Venus travels through a sign for 23 days but when it retrogrades, every 18 months, it can stay in a sign for up to 2 months. Venus will station retrograde on March 4, 2017. The sign of Aries will be active with questions surrounding relationships as well as Libra its opposite sign and one of the signs ruled by Venus. The other is Taurus.

The month of February, March, end of April, May and beginning of June, then Venus moves into Taurus on June 6th, is a time for those born under the signs of Aries and Libra to question how all of their relationships work. 

Are they getting along with co-workers? Does there need to be an adjustment or two on their part to bring more balance with co-operation rather than thinking of themselves too much? Is their personal life in order? Do they want to retreat more during this time and take needed break from relationships?

Jupiter turns retrograde on February 6th marking the end to all planets in forward motion which started on January 8, 2017. It will station direct on June 9, 2017.

Jupiter is in the sign of Libra. It is in opposition to the rebel planet Uranus. The woman's march, only a day after the inauguration, shows an outcome of these two planets trying to find a compromise between conservative points of view and liberal points of view.

Jupiter represents the higher laws of the land that are handed down by the Supreme court. Finding an individual/ collective voice for the people and by the people is a energy that these two planets will sound off throughout most of 2017. The retrograde motion period will calm it down a bit. Internalize it and then come up again when Jupiter stations direct and makes exact opposition to Uranus. See exact dates on my website (Overview of 2017) for exact dates.

Jupiter has benefited Donald Trump as he moved into a 16 year Jupiter Dasha in November in his Vedic chart (India) and Jupiter is trining his natal Sun-Uranus for most of 2017. He is experiencing a new 12 year cycle also with Jupiter returning to his natal Jupiter for most of 2017. This is his protections against his opponents.
And, to think that all of what the left wanted could have easily been fulfilled by Hillary R. Clinton, it just doesn't make sense as too where the disappointments from Uranus are coming from. After all, why not just vote for the person that represented your values like they did for Barack Obama. And, I would think a woman President would understand a woman's rights more than a high powered male Leo type like Donald Trump. I'm not saying he won't do good things for this country. I am saying the Democratic party, Bernie Sanders and 3rd party runners really need to think about how they let Donald Trump rule America. With Jupiter on his side, he moves forward at lightening speed (Uranus) with his agenda. 

The battle of 2017 is between self empowerment and being overpowered by an outside force like the political establishment. The problem with Donald Trump's

chart ,in my personal astrological opinion, is transiting Saturn conjoining his natal Moon in Sagittarius opposing his natal Sun in Gemini. This started in December of 2016 and runs all the way through September of 2017.

Oppositions can drive a President crazy. Saturn delivers past karma. He will have to be more patient and work with the establishment and this can drive him crazy as his Jupiter Pluto square in his natal can backfire on him for being too overpowering and create legal problems. With his Jupiter dahsa period, he will wiggle himself out of legal issues but they will be highlighted enough to cause concern. 

Mercury moves into Aquarius on February 7th giving those born under the sign of Aquarius a touch of the genius. If you have Aquarius Sun, rising or Moon in your natal, you are more organized and more creative with the way you think. Great for computer software engineers and also good for humanitarian organizations to be more organized within their own specialties.

Happy Valentine's Day for everyone on February 14th.

Sun moves into Pisces on February 18th at 6:31AM EST. Happy birthday to Pisces.

We have eclipses this month. February 10th we have a full Moon lunar eclipse i Leo at 23 degrees (7:33PM EST). If you have Sun, Moon or rising in Leo within 8 degrees of 23 degrees, you will be most effected for the next 6 months. What issues will be highlighted depends on the houses or planets involved with Leo.

This full Moon lunar eclipse chart is loaded with a grand trine in fire signs, the wind at your back, a Yod involving Chiron (time for healing) and a t-square of tensions coming from the cardinal signs of Aries, Capricorn and Libra trying to find peace through the sign of Cancer.

Remember Aquarius is the opposite sign of Leo to form this full Moon axis. Leo's motivations are seeking attentions. They want to be the star of the show. Aquarius is focused on the group awareness. Leo is very independent while Aquarius enjoys working as a team. Given this lunation is focused on Leo, the emphasis is on creative forms of the arts. Leo rules the performing arts. Could we see more interest in funding the creative arts by our new administration? Most likely as this full Moon lunar eclipse conjuncts Donald Trump's rising at 29 degrees and his natal Mars at 26 degrees.

He is a perfect example of a Leo rising with Mars conjunct his rising in need of attentions and getting it. Obama is a Leo as well as Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky. They enjoy the performing arts so he will support more grants towards the arts within the next 6 months.

Tensions in the chart are for the signs of Aries, Libra and Capricorn. These signs want more freedoms (Jupiter in Libra) that is fair in all of their personal and professional relationships. Defining how relationships work with the new government (Capricorn) and how the power (Pluto in Capricorn) is used to govern the people verses the power the people have to govern the government.

The sign of Cancer offers patriotism and family values to bring balance to this tension. This energy runs for 6 months from the start of this lunar eclipse. Cancer becomes the cardinal sign the other 3 turn too for support to ease their stress.

A Yod involving this lunar eclipse sextile to Jupiter in Libra with Chiron at the center of inconjunctions, is the finger of God pointing to a serious healing for the sign of Pisces, Libra and Leo. What our our fears? How can we heal them? It points to a time when fate seems to push these signs in a certain direction.

Being at the right place at the right time for these signs. An opportunity is at hand so advertise your talents and potentials as Jupiter rules advertisement and publishing. The Moon influences your collective audience and Chiron wants to heal old wounds of financial difficulties for artists who have struggled so much over the last 10 years or so.

Happy Presidents Day on February 20th.

Mercury moves into Pisces on February 25th a day before the new Moon solar eclipse in Pisces at 8 degrees (9:58AM EST) on the 26th. Remember the eclipses in Pisces in 2016? Pisces also had an eclipse in March of 2015. This is the last eclipse, in Pisces for awhile. Even thou its a new Moon for new beginnings it also is a closing time for Pisces. A last attempt to give up habits that no longer serve your higher good. A South Node eclipse to let go of past karma but also too take advantage of the talents developed in past lives.

We have Mercury, Sun, Moon, South Node, Neptune and Chiron all in Pisces on this new Moon solar eclipse. Wow. Pisces has unlimited imagination here and keep track of your dreams to know how to navigate through your present life's situations. If you have Sun, Moon or rising in Pisces you are most influenced.

This is a collective resurrection to higher states of consciousness for the sign of Pisces. Surrender is the word to explain such a huge amount of energy in Pisces.

Then we have Jupiter, classical ruler of Pisces, opposite Uranus and square to Pluto. Mars is close by to Uranus triggering a t-square of explosive potential.

All of this awakens a huge mountain of unconscious issues deeply buried in the darkest corners of our inner being. Maybe it is time to slay and kill any demons lurking around in the deepest waters of that Pisces ocean. The urgency of that Mars/Uranus combination influenced by the transformational energy of Pluto will not allow Pisces to put off anymore what they put on hold since the first of 4 eclipses started in March of 2015. 

The next 6 months of the start of this new life for Pisces allows them to reach their goals. Make their dreams come true. Give up the victim in you. Get rid of the alcohol, drugs, cigarettes or any habit that drains your energies and takes your confidence away from you.

Become the inspiration you were meant to be. Heal the world with your love. God and his/her angels are ready to communicate with you and give clear directions to the often times dreamy and foggy Pisces. Take time to be with yourself more. The quiet times will reveal volumes of information and directions to move ahead.

Virgo, the opposite sign of Pisces also can take advantage of this very potent creative and transformational energies.

Lou Valentino has been giving astrological consultations for 25 years. To set up and appointment call Lou at 860-574-9467. Visit his website www.yogavisionaries.com for more information on his services.

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