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Success Tips and Psychic Horoscopes for 2017

by Elissa Heyman

Get These Habits!

Every day, find your own way to inner peace. Benefit from a daily practice that centers you, expands your awareness, and feeds the spirit. Feeding your own soul and cultivating self-reliance are the most important practices this year.

Keep on adjusting by making changes: If you turn on the light and it doesn't work, it doesn't make you  lose faith in the power of electricity. You make a change: you get another light bulb. That's how 2017 is helpful...helping you see the changes to make to get your light shining bright.

Five Personal Success Strategies for 2017:

1. It's a good year to go over the details of your life; do you need new insurance? Understand your worldly affairs and get them in order.

2. Once you know what's what (see #1), embark on the next personal goal: Simplify, especially in March. Your creativity will blossom if it has room to grow in the exciting energies of 2017!

3. Be tolerant of others' changes, there will be many. Ignore the rustlings and noise around you as people shuffle their lives around and work to make things better. Don't expect a lot from others: people tend to be paying attention to their own circumstances now.

4. Don't complain. Just lay down complaining for a year.

5. Socialize, the more the better! Find like-minded people to hang out with! They might be in cyberspace, within driving distance, or around the corner.  Regular infusions of emotionally bonding experiences are especially valuable this year...join!

Horoscopes: Read your Sun Moon and Rising Signs

Aries 2017:  Your mantra for the year: "I can; I will!  I do things for myself I never did before." The situation you set up for yourself brings you a more fun and creative life.

Taurus 2017: "Easy does it, take your time, don't get in your own way...be nice",  and the implication is that it takes some time to work through the challenges this year presents as you reach for success. In truth, all is well because it's in the name of expansion and better relationships that you strive.

Gemini 2017: Contemplate abundance. Imagine it! Embrace the possibility of magic! Be the good luck story you always dreamed of. You should never give up, especially this year when you can find happiness in love and career.

Cancer 2017: Oh boy, a truly brand new year on your birthday! What awaits you is a relief in knowing how things can change. Health improves this year.  Let what's true for you be your guide, and it will lead you to more love and better times.

Leo 2017:  So much can change this year, and life gets simpler, healthier, and more focused on creativity.  There's more ease to your days this year, more smiles on your face, and more grace. Keep your focus on what's new and exciting in your creative life!

Virgo 2017: You: Done, finished in some way with a life.  "I want to be free", something inside you said, and this year the universe answers your request. Be an adapter; all is well, and new circumstance work better than old ones.

Libra 2017: This year gets better and better, obvious by Fall. All in all, by not giving in to lesser choices, and steadfastly holding out for what's good for you, you stand strong and stable, and win.

Scorpio 2017: "God, the changes so fast, I can't keep up!" "Oh, yes you can. You will and you must... and it's easy: just don't need things to be some way you envision. Things beyond just your personal field are operating, and resistance mucks things up. Trust change."

Sagittarius: 2017: "I've got more energy than I ever have because I'm free of caring about opinions. I want to do my thing, be on fire, be unleashed!" Go for it, Sagittarius!

Capricorn 2017: "Oh success, sweet success!" Lots of lucky charms from leprechauns you knew a long time ago are strewn around for the picking this year. Be yourself, that works the best! Nothing else is needed. Aloha!

Aquarius 2017: What to expect this special year: expanding into new places, and being very busy. You also finish something. A different plane of existence awaits you, as does success and connections that benefit you.

Pisces 2017:  You are more in your own world this year, or have the ability to make the world go away as you enter your own sacred space. You want deep spiritual renewal, and nothing can stop you from that goal. Steep yourself in what makes you thrive!

Elissa Heyman practices psychic counseling and spiritual healing in Santa Fe, NM, and by telephone internationally. Her weekly psychic horoscope podcasts are available on radio stations and websites, as well as at www.elissaheyman.com. Also available online are an award-winning newsletter with predictions, guided meditations recommended by Spirituality/Health magazine, educational articles, and Santa Fe workshop and private session details.

Elissa Heyman

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