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More Predictions for 2017

by Tom T. Moore

Below are predictions I received during the past three months from Gaia, soul of the Earth and my Guardian Angel Theo.  Please be sure to take part when it asks you to say a Benevolent Prayer (BP) OUT LOUD.  Scientists in the future will rediscover the power of the spoken word.  


Gaia, can you give me the highest probability for the summer forecast for the United States?

Yes, I will include Canada as well Tom.  This will be the long “hot” summer as these are the conditions I need to help raise the levels of the oceans.  Yes, that you may have guessed that Tom, but there will be periods of utter chaos you might term it as these conditions make it ripe for severe summer storms mostly in the northern half of the USA and yes, extending into Canada.  

The Southern part of the USA will not be spared completely, but you will have weeks of baking in the sun.  Be sure to keep yourself hydrated.  There will be flash floods in the northern half from the torrential downpours that suddenly arrive plus tornadoes in places that have not seen them before.  August will be especially stormy in some places while others endure the heat.  This is a cycle for me Tom, but it also coincides with my desire to raise the levels of the oceans 12.5 inches by the end of this year.  Temperatures will reach record levels in a number of states and yes Canada too.  News stories will abound by reports of the melting of the ice pack in the far northern latitudes.  So take this to the bank shall we say, Tom.  Take care of your pets and domestic animals as they will need much water.  Farmers will need to consider harvesting earlier than normal.  Keep good tract of your crops, as you normally do anyway.  

Will hurricanes fire up earlier, or about the same time this year, Gaia?

Look for the early appearance of at least one hurricane, but also two or three others below hurricane level before the fall season when they typically are more numerous.


Gaia, what is the highest probability of when opioid abuse will no longer be a problem?

You and your readers, Tom, must understand there are many people—and we are specifically talking about Big Pharma executives that do not wish this problem to go away as their companies are making millions on the backs of opioid-addicted people. So, the fight is not going to be easy. Therefore, the highest probability will be a gradual reduction over the next five years and at some point in that time period there will be a breakthrough in controlling the opioids.

There has to be new leadership in Congress for laws limiting the use of opioids and that means new blood in Congress that will push for opioid restrictions that will make it harder for people to obtain multiple prescriptions. This will happen, but, again, may we mention that this can be brought about even faster if your readers say a benevolent prayer. There are many more people than you might imagine that are now saying these BPs, Tom, so don’t doubt their power.

So, here is a Benevolent Prayer (BP) for everyone to say OUT LOUD: “I ask any and all beings to aid and assist members of Congress to pass laws that will protect the citizens of the USA from opioid addiction, thank you!”


Gaia, will there be any major discoveries on the moon in the future such as the monolith in the movie 2001 Space Odyssey?

No, nothing so dramatic, Tom. We have already covered in the past that there is that derelict spaceship that crashed during the star wars and there is an ET base on the back side of the moon. Other than that, there will be many scientific studies that will produce interesting information about the makeup of the interior of the moon and other geological discoveries. You have much to learn even about your closest neighbor.

Why is there an ET base on the moon?

Yes, a simple explanation is that there needed to be a clearing house for all the ET societies to compare their information. As you were previously told, it is lightly manned now as those studies mostly involved information that would eventually lead or did lead to the creation of the Homo sapiens’ body.


Theo, what is the highest probability of when the U.S. Government will stop legislating women’s personal and medical decisions?

It will take a few more years as you can imagine, but within the next five and at most ten years great strides will begin to be seen as the pendulum we have alluded to begins to swing in that direction.  And yes, it would be good for you and your readers to say a BP for this to occur faster than you can expect and hope for.  These BPs as we have said countless times do have a ripple effect and do assist in helping those in legislative bodies and the courts to support women’s rights.

Here is the BP to say out loud:  “I ask any and all beings to aid and assist those in legislative bodies to make decisions in the best interests of women’s rights for their personal and medical decisions, thank you!”

What is the highest probability of when religions will stop objecting to gays, lesbians and transgenders?

This will take longer, as you might guess, Tom.  Religious doctrines that have taught this for years – yes centuries—must be changed, and that takes time.  We are not saying there will not be changes, but they will be slow in coming in some parts of the word.  So western societies are moving well in that direction, although there are religions in each of those countries that will still teach that homosexuals and transgenders are a sickness and it will take time to convince them that this is the Creator’s wish and their souls desire to experience everything a life on Earth has to offer.  Again say a BP for this change in doctrine to a more loving, inclusive view of their fellow men and women.  It will again assist those that say the BP too.

Here is the BP to say out loud:  “I ask any and all beings to assist the leaders in all religious faiths to change their doctrines to a more loving, inclusive view of their fellow men and women, and may this happen even sooner than we can hope for or expect, thank you!”


Sandy writes: In many areas frogs are dying from a fungus, this is causing many extinctions of amphibians. Gaia, can you please explain why this is so?

Gaia, are frogs going to be staying with us?

Yes, frogs will be here always, Tom. There are and will be many lakes and streams for them to enjoy themselves, and as you slowly clean up the planet they will thrive in first cleaner water and then eventually crystal clear water free of any pollutants.

The water will someday reach that clean, even with so many billions of people?

Quite so, Tom. As we have explained before, there will slowly be fewer people to plunder the land and forests. This will not occur overnight, but is in your future—distant as it might seem today. You are learning, but the numbers of humans seem as if you will never shrink in size, but you will. Families over time will be smaller and smaller. Whole cities will be abandoned—some with the help of the rising ocean levels. Yes, you can add natural calamities to the list of ways the population will be reduced.


Gaia, how long will it be before time ceases to speed up?

Look for this in the next two years. It will have reached the maximum speed we feel humans can operate on in that time period.

So, two years and not five or ten years?

No, Tom. I understand after all this time it would seem as if time will speed up forever, but we are nearing the maximum speed at which we feel you can operate and continue to create and invent. After that, there might be small adjustments to either slow or slightly speed up, but they will not be noticeable. Yes, you could call it tweaking.

Gaia, what is the highest probability for the future relationship between the USA and Russia?

It will be tumultuous at times, as you can imagine.  Their government is one that continuously tries to find ways to disrupt your government in particular, while at the same time doing the same to other European governments that they consider to be adversaries or a danger.  Their leaders also still think they can regain the territory they once had as the USSR, which will never happen, but they dream of greatness.  

This will continue on for a while.  Yes, one of the ways they will try and thumb their noses at the USA and other nations will be the first to disclose meetings with the ET’s as if they are the only ones, purporting to show their importance.  They are not, but there will be great discussions and great concern as the world nations are forced to admit meeting with the ET’s.  Each nation will begrudgingly have to admit their meetings too and there will be quite a bit of finger pointing as each governmental official tries to blame others, or the past.  

So you have aggression militarily that will have to be blocked, aggression in meddling with the affairs of other nations, and then along comes the disclosures which will embarrass the other governments.  Internally they will govern with an iron fist as long as Putin has control of the government.  His tenure and control will list a few more years is the highest probability.


Gaia, what is the highest probability for the relationship between the USA and the EU during the next four years?
The USA will not change its relationship with the EU as it appears on the surface.  There will be much negotiation, but in the end the USA and EU will remain strong allies as it is in everyone’s best interests both economically and militarily to do so.  The EU will be a greater voice in the partnership, not relying on the USA as much as in the past.

What is the highest probability for the relationship between the USA and Germany over the next four years?
Again it will be in both countries’ best interests to remain strong allies.  There will be more common good than not, although there will be sharp differences of opinion on the refugees as an example, but a good relationship regarding the threat from Russia.  Mr. Tillerson will help keep the relationship on a fairly even keel during this time period.

What is the highest probability of the relationship between Merkel and Trump during this time period?
Needless to say there will continue to be a strain there, as Ms. Merkel does not have a very good opinion of Mr. Trump.  That is a given.  But like any politician they will do their best to get along.

What is the highest probability of any other exits from the EU during the next four years?

At this time the probability is quite low.  There will be talks of one or more of the countries withdrawing, but cooler heads will prevail, as the problems the UK will have economically will be brought out to quell the doubters.  


Gaia, what is the highest probability during the next 10 years for tsunamis, earthquakes, and flooding for Hong Kong and SE Asia?

As we have repeatedly pointed out, any city existing on the coast will have great flooding issues because of the rise in ocean levels.  Not only that, but with the warmer temperatures not only in the atmosphere but also in the ocean comes greater storms—typhoons as they are called in that part of the world.  So there will be a migration of people from the coast into the interior as will happen around the world.  I did give you warning five years ago.  These storms in general will be larger and more numerous than in the past.  That you can take to the bank Tom.

Gaia has previously said many times that the oceans rose two inches in 2015, eight inches in 2016, and will rise 12.5 inches this year.  


Gaia, will the North Korean President be kept in check by the Chinese, and what is the probability of him being assassinated within the next five years?

Yes, the Chinese will attempt to keep him in check, but visions of grandeur will keep the North Korean President testing his rockets and his thoughts about conquering the rest of the peninsula. So, to answer your second question, the probability of him being assassinated within in the next two years is quite high—over 70 per cent at this time. The Chinese will orchestrate his removal from office. That is the highest probability at this time.

What about the joining of the North and South?

The highest probability would be within the next 10 years. It could be within the next five or six years, but that is in flux right now. Yes, you can say a BP for peace to come to North Korea and that will help things along.

Gaia, what is the probability of North Korea attacking any other country, including the United States and Hawaii, South Korea, or China?

Before that would ever happen I can assure your readers that the probability of his occurring is almost zero.  The North Korean leader is using all this for propaganda purposes and to feed his large ego.  As we stated before, his time as their leader is limited.

What is the probability of him being deposed by August 1 this year?

Quite high, actually.  Certainly over 80% at this time.

Here is our first Benevolent Prayer (BP) to say out loud: “I ask any and all beings to bring peace to the Korean people in the most benevolent way possible, and may peace come even sooner than we can hope for or expect, thank you!”


Gaia, what is the highest probability of when genital mutilations will end?

Tom, the highest probability is that these genital mutilations will take over five years, but less than 10 to be almost non-existent. There will be great progress during this time period to stop the mutilation of young girls. It will still be practiced in some remote villages; but with the advent of electricity where there was none, they will be able to view TV and will have access to smart phones. The governments will push for education and laws to forbid the genital mutilation. This only exists in areas that are quite backward, and that is soon to change.

Here is a Benevolent Prayer (BP) to say: “I ask any and all beings to aid and assist in bringing an end to genital mutilations, and may this happen even sooner than we can hope for or expect, thank you!”


Gaia, when Yellowstone volcano erupts how many soul contracts are there to transition?
Would it be 10,000, 100,000, or 1 Million or more?

Much more, Tom.  This will be the start of a series of events that has not been seen on Earth before in modern times.  Your next question was to ask about the Italian volcanoes and I cannot make them a separate event, as they are all part of the same as they are connected.  So the true answer to your question will be that several million people will transition due to these events.  And yes there will be earthquakes that will be generated at the same time.  You were told in the past that the earth’s population will slowly be reduced and this would be considered one of the major events.  It will take all the resources of many countries to respond and there will be years of recovery.  

Now I have to ask, what is the probability of this happening, as I have in the past latched onto a low probability?

Yes, and at this time the probability is over 50%.  I have naturally been in touch on a constant basis with your souls, and there are a number of soul fragments that need these events.  So “take it to the bank” as I’ve said before that this will happen.  The number of souls that will actually experience these events has yet to be determined.


Gaia, how long will the mini-ice age last around Lake Superior, caused by the Yellowstone eruption?

Quite a number of years Tom.  Let’s see if you can receive this.  It will be over 50 years, as the ice pack will be formed in stages, not all at one time, and the eventual melting will not all happen at one time but it will take literally years.

So is it more than 50 years, such as 100?

Now you are approaching the time.  I know it seems quite long, but it is like stopping a train.  Once it gets started in one direction it is difficult to stop the train, then have it back up.  My forces are just like that train, slow to stop and then reverse.  This will give the land there a chance to rest.  It will take the Yellowstone volcano years to settle down and stop spewing a cloud of ash into the sky that blocks out the sun.  

Will the East Coast have more winter storms and even summer storms than they do now?

Quite so, Tom.  The cold air will contribute to the dynamics needed for rain and snow.
So yes to summarize the mini ice age will last much longer than you anticipate.

Is that the highest probability at this time?

Quite so.  It is another in a line of “take this to the bank” as I have stated before.  I have given sufficient warning, but understandably this is difficult to accept until it happens; but it will not be too long before the predictions you have in these newsletters of yours will be seen in a new light.


This had not happened as of the May 15 article deadline.  

Theo, what is the probability of General Flynn being given immunity from prosecution in order to testify?

The highest probability Tom is that he will not be given immunity.  His hands were in several pies shall we say.

Then what is the probability of him being indicted?

Actually quite high.  Let’s say over 60%.  You can ask later in a few weeks to see if this climbs higher.

What is the probability of Paul Manafort being indicted?

Higher still, Tom.  Over 70% at this time.


Theo, how have Jared Kushner’s and Ivanka Trump’s soul contracts changed with her father’s election and the highest probability for their futures?

Yes, before they were born there was the smaller probability of these current circumstances, but they each are not as young a soul as her father. This was done not only for them to learn how to handle great wealth in this life, but how to be of service to others. They assist in balancing this government, albeit in a conservative manner. The pendulum, we will remind you, swings back and forth. They are going through a period of time where they too are getting the feel of government, and their learning curve is steep. Still, they will tend to keep this government grounded and not too far to the right as the gentleman from Breitbart, Steve Bannon. Moderation is the key here for all those to learn.

Regarding their probable futures, both will continue for the rest of this term and the highest probability of next term for the President and there will be good things that will come out of their influence on the President. Again, this is a steep learning curve for all those involved. As the President was quoted as saying, he did not realize how hard this job is.


I had previously received that there was a high probability of Assad leaving by this summer, but I asked for an update.

Theo, can you give me an update on Assad leaving Syria, as the probability of him leaving anytime soon seems remote?

Yes, it will be a little farther out, as there is still learning for all those he comes in contact with in any way, whether they are victims, or other world leaders.  The highest probability still is this year.  The Russians are working on this, but of course he resists.  The handwriting is on the wall.  So look for his departure this year.  That is the highest probability.  

What about the void that will be left? Will it prove to be even more chaotic for the country?

Not as much as is feared by those who study this country’s political landscape. There will be a moderate who will emerge that all but the most radical will accept. ISIS will remain a problem, but will not be able to fill the void. Their numbers are dwindling with time as they are attacked on all fronts by multiple countries. They will not disappear, but their control over parts of Syria will greatly diminish.


Gaia, is the probability high of the Katla volcano in Iceland erupting in the next three months?
That’s correct; I will soon have Katla erupting. The probability now for it to erupt in the next three months is over 90%. I need to release pressure, while melting the deep ice cover, plus it will add more land, and that in itself will displace water, while the melting of the snow will also add to the world’s ocean level. When I told you before that the oceans would rise 12.5 inches, it has a great deal to do with climate change, but also an event such as this can assist in achieving that rise.


Gaia, how will religions change when they come to know the real history of the world?

There will be great changes as you can guess, Tom. Those religions that have taught that the Earth is only 6,000 years or so suddenly will have to rewrite all their books or writings on that subject. Their followers will suddenly be questioning all they have been taught in the past and there will be a great desire for more information about their history, and the history of the world.

This will be an unsettled time until more information comes forth—and of course a portion of that will come from your documentaries, as you well know. That is a major reason why you, whose soul interest is religion, will be telling these stories. You will assist these religions in coming closer together.


Gaia, what is the highest probability for the future of Larung Gar, Tibet?

Yes, they face an unfortunate set of circumstances there for the near future.  The Chinese look upon the Buddhist teachings, even though they are nonviolent as some sort of threat.  Therefore in the near future they will continue their actions of tearing down the houses built there.  Naturally you can have your readers say a Benevolent Prayer and will make a difference I can assure you.  There will be actions of other countries that will put pressure on the Chinese to leave these peace-loving people alone.  They will hear this loudly.  Yes, as you were thinking organizations such as Avaaz can bring this to the attention of the right people.  

If everything is left as is then the people of Larung Gar will continue to suffer.  Encourage everyone to say a Benevolent Prayer.  You would be amazed at how many people will say this BP.  There is great power as I have said before if ALL of your readers—not just a portion of them—join in.  It will also help their own vibrational level by showing compassion and truly feeling it.  

Keep in mind that this Benevolent Prayer (BP) must be said out loud!  It becomes very powerful the more people that say this same prayer.  Say, “I ask any and all beings to come to the aid and comfort of all the residents of Larung Gar, Tibet, to keep them safe and to allow them to worship peacefully in their own way, thank you!”  Please share with all your friends, no matter their religion.


Theo, what is the highest probability for the future of both radio and TV broadcasting?

The way they will be delivered will be the biggest change in the upcoming years.  People still enjoy to have the news, but there will be many more times when you will simply choose off a list of stories as you already can now and skip those you have no interest in.  Radio will be more narrowcasted with the same announcers for multiple types of programming.  


Gaia, what is the highest probability of when the Canadian housing bubble will burst?

Soon, but not immediately.  You have already experienced a housing bubble collapse and for the Canadians this is coming.  The highest probability would be for it to occur within the next year.  I would advise those of your readers in Canada to consider unloading a property soon, or plan to keep it for the foreseeable future.  These are actions that they need to request MBOs to choose the PERFECT time to sell.  That should be advice to all your readers Tom, when they are contemplating selling anything of value.


Gaia, how many people that are incarcerated in the USA at the present time are innocent—1% or more?

Yes, under your present system of justice—your present laws, this total is slightly more than 1%.  It is closer to 1.5% --that is over 30,000 people.  That does not include those sentenced for minor offences where they should have only experienced a slap on the wrist, but instead have been sentenced to many years of incarceration.  This will change within the coming five years.  Better ways will be implemented to treat first offenders or those with minor crimes where there were much longer sentences meted out than there should have been.  You can have your readers say a BP for those incarcerated unjustly and for all those incarcerated at this time.  Send these people love and you will see changes in the judicial system too.  

Here is a BP to say OUT LOUD:  “I ask any and all beings to assist those unjustly incarcerated be freed, and for the present system of justice to become more benevolent, and may the results happen even faster than we can hope for or expect, thank you!”


As most of you know, I found Theo to be more accurate as to when the Russians will disclose their continued meetings with ET’s.  Here is the latest update.

Theo, what is the probability of the Russian Disclosure on our Time Line by June 1?

Quite high, Tom, and if you were to slightly move the date to June 15, the probability is extremely high—in the 90 percentile range.  We cannot be more precise than that at this time, as you well know humans can be unpredictable, but this is on their soul contracts and it is a simple, yet complex, matter of timing.

Theo, what is the probability of the Pleiadians landing at the Russian spaceport by October 1?

Fairly low at this time, Tom, but again if you stretch this out another one to two months—there are things that have to happen for this date to be set in stone shall we say--then the probability jumps up over 80 per cent.

So we are then speaking about the first of December?

Quite so.  The Russians are used to the cold weather, so that will not bother them, and the Pleiadians have uniforms and the devices we have spoken about before to keep the temperature close to their normal body temp for them.  

That really shoves everything else on over to 2018, correct?

Quite so.  There are steps previously described to you that must occur before you meet Antura.  You must be patient.  In the meantime we will be working with the upper time lines as the Pleiadians will have started their visits several months prior to Time Line 6.

Tom T. Moore is an author and speaker.  His books include THE GENTLE WAY series, plus FIRST CONTACT: Conversations with an ET and ATLANTIS & LEMURIA: The Lost Continents Revealed.  He was voted “Best Self-Help Author” for the past three years by the readers of a health magazine.  He is a telepath and answers questions sent to him from all over the world in his weekly newsletter, which can be subscribed to at  www.thegentlewaybook.com

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