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Excerpt from "Sacred Signs & Symbols: Awaken To The Messages and Synchronisities That Surround You"

You Are The Center of the Oracle

by Sherrie Dillard

Introduction: You Are the Center of the Oracle
You are standing in the center of a very chatty universe that is ready to engage. Everything that you encounter is a part of you and you are part of it. Even though you may at times feel separate and unknown in a vast and impersonal world, you are never as alone as what you may think. No matter where you are and what you are doing, you are being guided and led. A loving and wise divine spiritual power and presence watches over and cares for you. One of the ways the spiritual realm seeks to guide, comfort and inspire you is by sending you signs, messages and synchronisities.

Do you ever find coins or feathers on your path and wonder if this is a message from someone or something? Does the same species of bird suspiciously come to your window a little too often for it to be simply a chance encounter? Do you wake at the same time night after night, then glance at the clock at this same time during the day? When facing a difficult choice, decision or during a personal crisis have you ever asked for a sign or message to guide and lead you? If any of these are true for you, you are not alone. Since the beginning of time we have looked to an invisible presence and power to guide and comfort us through signs and messages. When you notice signs you are pulled into the deeper mystery of life where you become aware that you are seen, known and being guided.

Using Signs For Guidance
From a young age I have seen, felt and communicated with spirit beings, such as angels, people who have passed over to the other side, spirit guides and ascended masters. They have communicated to me through feelings of love and comfort. I have heard their wise counsel through an inner voice and they have led me through signs and synchronisities. It is always a special treat to encounter one of their gifts. A feather, a synchroncity that seems almost impossible to be a coincidence, a seashell or a visit from an owl, are a few of the ways that they get my attention.  

I enjoy communicating with the sprit realm so much, I have made a professional career out of it. During my almost thirty years of being a professional intuitive and medium I have been frequently asked what intuitive techniques I most often use to tune into my personal concerns and questions. People are usually surprised when I tell them that I routinely ask for and look to signs and messages for guidance and to validate my intuitive impressions. 

If you have ever tried to access intuitive guidance when you needed to make an important decision or in the midst of a personal crisis, you may have been frustrated by the result. Although we often look to our intuition to provide wise and timely insight, achieving the calm and receptive state that is needed to receive clear intuitive guidance can be difficult. Unfortunately it often seems that when we most need the assuring voice of our intuition, our stress levels make it almost impossible to become quiet and meditative enough to receive inner guidance. The same is true when a loved one on the other side, reaches out to connect with us. Our grief over their passing and the many other intense emotions that we often feel, can create an energetic static that gets in the way of tuning into their presence. Our intuitive awareness can seem to be blocked or absent and it becomes all too easy to mistake our desires, wishes and hopes as intuitive information or to discount our intuitive impressions altogether. 

If you find yourself pressed for answers, overthinking and becoming consumed with trying to figure out possibilities, options, choices and the best course to take, remember, there is another option. In its infinite wisdom the divine spirit realm knows all too well the difficulties that we encounter and has devised creative ways to break through the chattering thinking mind and anxious emotions. Our prayers and requests for spiritual help and intervention are all heard and answered. However, the response may not come in the way that we expect or desire.

Signs, messages and synchronisities are messages from above. Through them the spirit realm sends their wise and loving council in a dependable and accessible way. Instead of worrying, obsessing or feeling lonely, renewed hope and heart-centered awareness is awakened.  

The Power of Signs
Over the years I have looked to signs and messages for guidance on minor issues as well as life-changing decisions. I rarely make an important decision without some form of sign confirmation. As you can imagine, over the years I have encountered many signs. Some have foretold of upcoming positive events. While others have helped me to make good choices or warned me to be cautious or careful. Some have given me direction on day to day issues while others have guided me in soul growth and purpose and graced me with transformative healing.

Sacred signs, messages and synchronisities can alleviate our worries and alert us to the presence of powerful spiritual forces. Just recently, I encountered this kind of healing sign. Soon after my four year old grand-daughter was diagnosed with an autoimmune illness, she was admitted to the hospital and underwent emergency surgery. Two weeks later she was released from the hospital, only to be re-admitted a few days later when an ultrasound discovered a sack of fluid in her abdomen. The doctors feared that her intestinal surgery was leaking or that there was some kind of infection. 

The day before she went back into the hospital a client gave me a pair of socks with the woven image of Guadalupe on the side. She told me that she was shopping before our session and when she saw the socks, she felt that she had to buy them for me. I knew that this was a sign. I had been praying to the Divine Mother for healing for my grand-daughter. When I saw the socks, I knew in my heart that she would be okay.  

A day later, my grand-daughter still in the intensive care unit, underwent a procedure to drain the fluid from her abdomen. However, the doctor and his team did not find any. Perplexed, they performed a CAT scan in an attempt to discover where the sack of fluid was hiding. It could not be located and after a through search they realized that it was no longer there. The fluid disappeared, the autoimmune outbreaks subsided and she has not had a reoccurrence of the illness since. 

Creating the Oracle
Along with looking to signs for guidance, from a young age I have also consulted a variety of different oracle systems. I have sought advice from the runes, studied the tarot cards and threw coins to create hexagrams from the I Ching or the Chinese book of Changes. A couple of years ago, I began to get a message to develop an oracle system. Yet, I was not sure what type of oracle guidance system to create. Intent of figuring this out I asked for a sign or message to help point me in the right direction. I soon experienced an outpouring of them. I received so many signs I knew that I was on the right track, but I was still not sure how to proceed. Then one afternoon while walking my dog, I found a large hawk feather close to the steps of a church. When I saw it I intuitively knew that finding this beautiful feather near a church, in a busy urban area, was an important sign. As I picked it up a message shot through me like a bolt of lightning. I became instantly and intuitively aware that the signs I had been receiving were guiding me to create a sign oracle. It made perfect sense. 

In my work as a psychic and medium, I am always amazed by the unique and clever ways that my client’s angels, loved ones on the other side, spirit guides and other spirit beings, attempt to get our attention and extend help and love. They want us to know that they are with us and that guidance, insight and healing is always close. Unfortunately, when we are stressed or rushing about, we often miss many of the guiding signs sent our way. When we do notice them, we may not always able to understand and interpret their meaning.

The Living Oracle was created with these things in mind. It provides you with a framework through which you can better notice and invoke sacred signs, messages and synchronisities and interpret their guidance and meaning. 

How To Use This Book 
Like many people, you may at times wonder if you are being given a sign or message. Even when you see, hear, notice and encounter signs, messages and synchronisities, you may find yourself wanting to believe in them, but quickly talking yourself out of it. When you do recognize a sign, you may wonder and question who is sending it to you and why? Signs, messages and synchronisities may appear to be random, as they often come to us in ways that bypasses the logical and rational. We do not always notice them and when we do, we all too often dismiss them and doubt their validity. If you find yourself questioning if you have received a sign or if you are confused as to who or what may have sent it your way, you are not alone. Sacred signs and messages break through time and space and present us with a touch of the heavens. Because they do not always fit within the parameters of what we believe to be possible, we often miss important connections and guidance. 

No matter where you are and what you are doing, signs and messages are present, even if you do not notice them. The spiritual force that generates them is reliable, loving and intelligent and always in operation. The divine presence is everywhere and in all things. If you are on the edge of believing and trusting the notion that there is a spiritual force and power that can offer you guidance and healing, let me give you a little nudge. Instead of dismissing and ignoring the grace and gifts being sent you way, you can learn how to better accept trust and embrace them. 

The journey begins in the first section where you will learn how better recognize the telltale characteristics of signs and messages and better decipher who or what may be sending them to your way. 

Many sacred signs, messages and synchronisities come to us uninvited. During times of confusion, stress, when we need to make a decision or even when all is well, we may suddenly become aware that the butterfly that just landed on our window sill or the cloud overhead that is shaped like a heart, may be a message. When we notice and trust that we are being guided, the sudden appearance of a sign can be a welcome relief. They remind us that we are not alone. They can fill us with love, provide us with much needed direction and give us the assurance that our concerns and worries are being worked out for the highest good.  

You can live in continuous connection and communion with a higher presence and power. Signs and message are a form of communication that is available at all times and under any circumstances. Anyone can practice and participate in noticing signs and messages. You do not have to be especially gifted or a confident intuitive to benefit from unspoken and spiritual guidance. 

Even though signs often come to us without our request, you can invoke them when you most need guidance, comfort and direction. When you request sacred signs and messages for guidance or a specific question or issue, they become an oracle. The Living Oracle is an organic and natural phenomena that empowers you to invoke and interpret the signs and messages that the divine sends your way. It is a bridge of communication between you and the divine. This timeless connection between the physical and spiritual realms has always existed and you can reclaim your natural ability to receive guidance when you most need it. 

With the Living Oracle you can ask for a sign or message for any concern or condition. There is no area of your life that is too mundane or unimportant  Signs speak to our relationships, career and life purpose. They guide us in our everyday decisions and choices, offer spiritual guidance and connect us to our loved ones on the other side and our angels.

The Living Oracle begins with noticing signs for a specific amount of time within a defined area. This is called, casting the oracle. In the second section you learn a few different ways to cast a sign oracle. Inspired by ancient practices, oracles can be cast while taking a walk, sitting on a park bench or by simply looking out your window and observing signs for a specific amount of time. The Living Oracle provides insight into your current circumstances and questions and reveals what you most need to become aware of at the time of the casting. 

The Language of Signs
Throughout history, oracle systems have looked to nature and naturally occurring phenomena such as, the changing skies, the flight patterns of birds, markings on sticks and stones and the sightings of animals to provide us with guidance and direction. Although many ancient oracle systems make use of the symbology of nature and the natural world, signs and messages emerge in everyday conditions and through everyday objects and situations. The advancement of technology and contemporary society has allowed new and creative signs and messages to develop and take shape. Even through some signs and messages are similar in appearance and meaning to those that occurred centuries ago, they also take form and are expressed through everyday conditions, objects and situations. 

The Living Oracle was designed as a way to better notice and interpret the common signs that often occur in more urban areas, such as towns, cities and residential areas and neighborhoods. It is in highly populated areas that signs, messages and synchronisities are often missed or ignored. 

The purpose and meaning of present day signs and messages and centuries old, naturally occurring ones, might not always be obvious. Signs and messages communicate through symbolic and metaphoric language. Some signs utilize time honored universal symbols, while others are expressed in a more personal and individual way.  
Along with listening within to your intuition and gut knowing and relying on your personal interpretation of signs and messages, there is an extensive glossary in the last section of the book to assist you in understanding the meaning within the signs that you are likely to encounter. Through the direction of wise, knowledgeable and sometimes funny spirit beings, I have been provided with insight into the interpretation of many natural and contemporary and urban signs. This sign glossary will empower you to better decipher and successfully utilize in your everyday concerns and conditions the meaning, guidance and direction encoded within most of the signs that encounter. 

Sacred Relationship
As much as sacred signs, messages and synchronisities guide, comfort and empower us to make wise decisions and choices, they are also an invitation into a true and lasting relationship with a divine loving and wise spiritual power. When you accept this invitation the world of random and meaningless events and circumstances begins to fall away. In its place a holy presence walks with you. Life begins to make sense as the doors to a transcendent adventure swing open. New awareness replaces confusion and connection with a higher loving and wise power fills the void of emptiness. All of life becomes a living oracle where you are supported, loved, and cared for.  

Internationally renowned author, intuitive, medical intuitive and medium, Sherrie Dillard has given over 50,000 readings in her thirty year career. She is the author of the best selling Discover Your Psychic Type, You Are A Medium and five other books that have been translated into nine languages. Sherrie has been featured on radio and television for her work as a psychic detective, medical intuitive and medium. Sherrie’s passion for the fusion of intuition, spirituality and min/body/spirit health has made her a popular speaker and teacher at retreats and conferences. To purchase this book:  https://www.amazon.com/Sacred-Signs-Symbols-Messages-Synchronicities/dp/0738749680/ref=tmm_pap_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=&sr=

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