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The Sanctuary for Evolutionary Vision

by By Diane Saunders

There is something very exciting happening in the foothills of the Berkshires, in New Lebanon N.Y. The Sanctuary for Evolutionary Vision (SEV) is situated on 40 acres of magical woods along the Kinderhook creek and is devoted to shifting human consciousness. Founded by three visionary woman, Diane Saunders, Marilyn Gewacke and Jen Westacott, SEV is a teaching and experiential center for helping Earth and her inhabitants make the shift into higher dimensional consciousness. We have a slogan at SEV…. “Come Join the Consciousness Revolution”!

What is the Consciousness Revolution?

Dr Marilyn Gewacke, one of the founders of SEV, writes about this in her new book, The Oneness of Being: Birthing the New Human. This book received two gold medal awards for books most likely to change and transform the Earth. As a human species, we are going through a most incredible metamorphic time on Earth. We have a remarkable opportunity to return to our true multidimensional nature and ascend and evolve into the New Human. As we begin to see through the illusions of time and space (the Third Dimension), we can release the burdens and timelines of the outer, external world, finally looking within for our empowerment, our creativity, and our true nature. As we believe and experience more clearly the magical and mystical “world within”, our frequencies shift, awakening the evolved heart, thus transmuting separation and duality.

At SEV, we have come to know that the qualities of the evolved heart, like compassion, joy, authenticity and love, are the fuel for our vertical rise into fifth dimensional living and soul actualization. These light fields of the heart raise our frequencies, creating vibrations that rocket us into higher consciousness. This inner shifting from the third to the fifth dimension is experienced as a transcendence of time, where there is a deepening presence within, a beautiful connection with all living things and a desire to remember our core soul blueprints and missions. Releasing oneself from the gravitational pull of the current outer paradigm on Earth is not an easy process, and so recognizing the inner frequency flow of higher consciousness is paramount. It is important to note that dimensions are based on vibrations. It is like learning to turn your radio dial to different stations. Each dimension has a range of frequencies which create the reality or experience within that dimension. As we ascend, we experience energetic shifts within our bodies, emotional clearing, and paradigm alterations, creating newfound abilities like telepathy and clairvoyance. This is not always an easy ride as many of us may feel rapid fluctuations in mood, feelings and physical sensitivities, as these rushing tides birth the New Human Paradigm. We can see the current chaos in the outer world as clear evidence of these colliding paradigms, seemingly creating intense debris and challenges. The good news is that we have the Solutions to our outer world chaos in the calm and stillness of the inner world of soul wisdom and consciousness expansion. Waves of strong cosmic energy have been amplifying this process on Earth so the window of change and transformation is primed and fertile. Let's leap together and create a New Earth and new paradigm for living!! We are waking up from 3D (third dimensional) amnesia and connecting with higher dimensional consciousness.

What happens at SEV?

The experiences and services we provide are fundamental to the "shift" in the New Human Consciousness Paradigm, always leading with the inner wisdom of the heart and the guidance of soul remembrance.


We offer experiential retreats on the land for humans to gather and experience their multidimensionality, the expansive and powerful heart and the oneness of simply being. Cohesive heart technologies, group meditations, chakra clearing, yoga and 5th dimensional guided inner journeys are but a few of the offerings. Connecting with higher dimensional beings including ETs (extraterrestrials) are part of this amazing, cosmic transformative process.

Elf Heart Haven cabin

Silent personally designed retreats in our newest charming, rustic cabin allow guests to travel within and totally unplug from the external world. Individualized services can be booked in the main lodge to facilitate one’s growth and healing. Come visit us and also enjoy the hot tub, sauna, walking in the woods, and listening to the river flow.

Individual Services

· Bodywork massage and energy healing sessions

· Yoga

· Chakra alignment through Sound Immersion

· Crystal room healing and guided meditations

· Quantum healing hypnotic sessions including past life regression

· Channeling for fifth dimensional guidance and ascension.

We are very passionate and committed to Earth, her inhabitants and our Consciousness evolution. As we do this, we will have the incredible opportunity to join the larger cosmic community in peace and love! We would love to meet you and be a part of your consciousness revolution. Contact us at info@theshift.rocks or call Diane at 518-567-7315. See our website theshift.rocks.

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