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Astrological Forecast for November 2018

by Lou Valentino

November starts off with “All Saints Day” moving into Daylight Savings on the 4th. So, when you go to bed on the 3rd or early morning on the 4th, set your clock back an hour for standard time.  

Happy Veterans Day on November 11th. Happy Thanksgiving on November 22nd. 


Zodiac signs most effected this month are Aries, Sagittarius, Pisces, Libra, Scorpio, Gemini, Capricorn and Virgo. 


Uranus retrogrades back into Aries on November 6th and won’t station direct till January 6th, 2019 at 28 degrees of Aries. The sign of Aries is feeling more anxious about life from November 6th till January 6th 2019 


Uranus will not re-enter Taurus till March 6th, 2019 and will remain in Taurus till 2026. If you have Sun, Moon or rising in Aries you are finishing up projects that you did not finish over the last 9 months. You don’t want to start the New Year off with unfinished business. 


Election Day on November 6th has both parties coming out to vote more than ever. There will be close contests on both sides. Uranus in the late degree, 29 of Aries in retrograde motion, and Mars in Aquarius could have the younger generation make a large difference in how the votes turn out. Uranus represents a more liberal approach. 


Saturn is more conservative and it's in Capricorn where it is in its dignity (Strong) and this new Moon chart has Capricorn rising with Saturn and part of fortune of either side of the rising. Pluto also is in Capricorn making sextiles to this new Moon. It looks like the Republicans have the edge but I have been wrong in the past. 


With Jupiter moving into Sagittarius two days after the election, immigration is in everyone’s face as Jupiter is the natural ruler of Sagittarius, a sign involved in immigration/foreign countries. 

With Jupiter moving into Sagittarius on the 8th, the sign of Sagittarius has lots of room for expansion in all areas of life over the next 12 months. If you have Sun, Moon or rising in Sagittarius, the luck of the universe is on your side from November 8, 2018 too December 3, 2019.


The new Moon is in Scorpio on November 7th giving a fresh new start to those with Sun, Moon or rising in Scorpio. The new Moon chart is not filled with tensions so the energy flows much better. Scorpio is making plans to get their financial life on track and this new Moon in combination with the last full Moon in Taurus, Scorpio’s opposite sign, gives a balancing effect. It’s time to start investment strategies.  


The Moon in Scorpio is in its fall but having the Sun and Moon together allows the darkness of the Moon in Scorpio to be elevated. Scorpio intuition is strong. 


Mars moves into the sleepy sign of Pisces November 15th. This can give those with Sun, Moon or rising in Pisces more confidence and physical energy. God knows Pisces can use any help it can get when it comes to physical dynamism. Mars will remain in Pisces till New Year’s Eve.  


Just when Venus stations direct at 25 degrees of Libra on November 16, Mercury decides to station retrograde in Sagittarius at 14 degrees. Those with Sun, Moon or rising in Libra are moving forward with their plans they thought deeply about in regards to all of their relationships. Who are the givers and who are the takers? This is an ideal time for Libra to keep relationships that help bring more joy to their lives and let go of anyone who depletes joy from them.


Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius finds those with Sagittarius energies making big plans for the near future as Jupiter, the planet of good luck and fortune, will be conjunct to the Sun in Sagittarius on the full Moon day in Gemini November 23. Mercury will also be involved in retrograde motion as it also conjuncts the Sun in Sagittarius during the full Moon day.  


Mercury is helping Sagittarius create plans for travel and more knowledge or even skills at their present job. Mercury stations direct on December 6 at 27 degrees of Scorpio. 


The Sun moves into Sagittarius on November 22nd at 4:01AM EST. Happy Birthday to Sagittarius.


The full Moon on the 23rd is at zero degrees of Gemini and involved in a few T-squares and a grand cross. The mutable signs of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces are on the move with all kinds of stress surrounding their dreams (Neptune in Pisces) that they want to manifest. 


This full Moon in Gemini is about communicating in a clear way that does not end up in arguments with others. The sign of Virgo helps to balance this stress as Virgo is the rising sign in this full Moon chart. The news media will have lots to say about immigration. Look to this full Moon for a huge push on immigration laws being enforced to the point where something has to be done about building a wall as things are way out of control.  


President Trump may shut down the government over this issue or the Democrats may finally bend over not only for better immigration borders but to also free up DACA and allow a prolonged path to citizenship for children who have been brought up here. 


Part of fortune and Neptune at 13 degrees of Pisces gives Pisces more creative energies and a huge lift into higher states of consciousness with this full Moon. Whatever you want to manifest is there for you as long as you are clear on what you want. Sagittarius and Pisces are the two signs that have extra luck on their side with this full Moon from November 23 to December 7. Play the lotto or just visualize a raise at work.  

Gemini is known to talk too much and this full Moon will be no exception. If you have Sun, Moon or rising in Gemini you could be a nervous wreck from November 23 to December 6. Breathing deeply at times, attending a yoga class for just sitting/walking in nature can calm the nerves.  


The full Moon tensions will be global. Many hidden aspects of government leaders will be exposed. The Earth may manifest erratic weather patterns as we have seen since Uranus entered Taurus but is now in the critical 29 degrees of Aries. Tensions will be released from the Earth such as volcano eruptions and earthquakes.  


Wishing everyone a Happy Holiday season as we start to celebrate Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s. Many blessings. 


Lou Valentino has been giving astrological consultations for over 25 years. Western and Vedic approaches. Call 860-574-9467 for questions or to set up a reading. Visit www.yogavisionaries.com for all of his services and fees.  


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