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Use The Power Of The Akashic Records To Create Your Best Year Yet

by Jennifer Longmore

Each year, we arrive at this place - the transition between one chapter and the next - the void of possibility and reflection.

The space that is created for us to tune in to what we want to create, what we want to create more of, and what we want to release, all in the name of creating a fulfilling, aligned and abundantly purposeful life.

We have great intentions of planning out our epic year, and then......the monkey mind creeps in.

That pesky voice that tells us all of the reasons why:

· We're running out of time so why bother creating our future

· We don't have enough resources (ie. time, money, energy)

· We're not qualified enough to create it

· We're probably not reliable enough to make it happen

· We already have too many responsibilities

· We're not lucky, or magnetic, or dynamic

The list that the monkey mind recites to us while we're awake (and likely while we're asleep) is endless.

Intellectually, we know that it makes no sense to give its voice any meaning, and yet it somehow finds its way inside our mind anyway. As a result, we suffer from a prolonged state of lack of clarity, and it is really challenging to create what we desire we when feel disconnect from our inner clarity.

But there is an answer! Working in the Akashic Records is such a powerful, profound, and efficient way to gain clarity on a variety of different areas that directly impact our year ahead, including:

· Clarity of purpose

· Understanding of what we're here to contribute

· Insight into what we're here to master

· Healing of any physical, emotional, mental or spiritual limitations that block us from creating what we desire and what is aligned for our highest path

· Clarity of direction

· And so much more!

The Akashic Records are simply an energetic space or roadmap of divine love and universal truth in support of your soul's purpose.

They hold the truth of who you really are, why you came here, what you are here to master, what you are here to share, and how to align your (un)conscious mind with the truth and purpose of your highest self. And they hold this information from the past, present and future so they contain any answers we need, especially when we're craving higher guidance on living our best life!

Imagine, for a moment, what it would feel like to have instant access to an energy field (the Akasha) that will provide you divine guidance on anything you wish.

All of the energy spent overthinking, procrastinating, over-doing, and more can be redirected into simply living in alignment with the guidance that is in the highest alignment with your soul.

It only takes a few moments to connect in with your own Akashic Records to create an instant state of clarity -- in this space we are connecting with the truth of what is.

To work in your Akashic Records:

a) Begin by setting the intention for how you wish to feel and what you would like answered

b) Be sure to enter from a space of neutrality (vs. anger, worry, or over-attachment to the answers)

c) Create a sacred space and bring a journal to jot down any insights

d) Call forward your Akashic Record Keepers, by simply stating or intending "I would like to access my Akashic Records for my highest good and healing today. Please open them for me now!"

e) Allow the information to come without trying to force it. You may see, hear, sense or 'know' the information. Each person is different and there is no right or wrong. When you allow yourself to trust, rather than question, it will allow this relationship to blossom.

f) Practice daily to become familiar with how it feels to be in your own Records, and feel a greater sense of clarity and trust each time.

When you are in your Akashic Records, especially when it comes to forecasting your year ahead, you can ask specific questions, such as:

· "What is in my best interest to focus on this year?"

· "How can I create greater health?"

· "How can I attract my divine life partner?"

· "How can I create a more loving relationship with xxx (ie. my partner my child, my parent, my boss, etc)?"

· "How can I attract more wealth and abundance?"

· "What do I need to release in order to invite this in?"

· "What habits do I need to cultivate in order to create more of xxx?"

· "Where is it best to focus my energy this year?"

· "What skills am I being called to heighten?"

· "How can I cultivate an even better relationship with my intuition?"

There are endless possibilities of what you can ask. The greatest gift is the clarity of love and truth that emerges from these types of questions -- that then allows us to plan out our next chapter from a place of alignment rather than ego. It takes out the guess work, and makes it feel more fun and flowing!

When we feel an embodied sense of clarity and purpose (along with magnetism), we naturally feel more comfortable putting ourselves out in the world and being open to the tangible possibilities that want to come our way.

Moreover, we raise our vibration exponentially, thus instantly enhancing our magnetism, and allowing us to continually experience the "and better" in every desire we send into the ethers.

With the Akashic Records, the possibilities to create your most memorable year are truly endless!

What are you choosing to create this year and what's the best that can happen when you do?!


Jennifer Longmore is the founder of the world's largest Akashic Record Training School and has taught more than 100,000 students in 100+ countries how to access this ancient tool for clarity, healing and manifestation. She has successfully conducted more than 30,000 Soul Purpose Sessions for people from all walks of life, including the who's who of the entertainment industry, c-suite executives, influential leaders, politicians and more! Through her life's work, she has pulled together all of the wisdom gleaned from the Akashic Records in her life-changing book: Divine Guidance from the Akashic Records. For more information, go to: www.souljourneys.ca

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