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An Interview with Jonette Crowley

by Edie Weinstein-Moser

Soaring above what might seem to be normal reality, this ‘modern day mystic’ whose work has taken her to far reaching places on the planet, weaves a story that has the reader traveling along side her, without need of passport or plane ticket. The author of the adventure turned mystical journey tale called "The Eagle and the Condor", Jonette Crowley is a rich font of knowledge about things metaphysical. Her professional background is of the corporate world, with an MBA. She is the founder and director of Center For Creative Consciousness which offers students classes and trips that enhance their awakening to a greater reality than what might otherwise be perceived.

Each class beckons students to explore the reaches of their own spiritual path with Jonette as the co-creator of a safe and sacred experience. Adept at balancing, Jonette is also a wife and mother, married to Ed Oakley, who is a leadership consultant and companion on her journey, who took a courageous step outside his own comfort zone on one of the trips highlighted in her book. For Jonette’s readers, the book has been a gateway to deep inner work, questioning and exploring what they had previously taken to be ‘reality’.

Wisdom: What event began your extraordinary world you are now inhabiting?

Jonette: When I lived in Australia and attended meditation classes at a spiritualist church, I began seeing things, especially a Native American who was wearing white and who identified himself as White Eagle. That, to me, was extraordinary and I didn’t believe it. I didn’t tell anyone and a week later, someone gave me a book that said "The Teachings of White Eagle". That broke my innate skepticism and made me realize that there is more to this world than what my science degree and MBA tell me.

Wisdom: So, your background is more linear and logical?

Jonette: Yes, very much so. I didn’t even know I had any gifts until my mid-30’s. I had no inclination of it.

Wisdom: Was there a part of you that said, "I am having some issues with psychosis."?

Jonette: Because I am so balanced psychologically, I just knew it was the next step and I trusted it. The good thing is that I am blessed with being self-referencing. I don’t need a lot of outside proof. I know my truth and so I can move forward in kind of what some people may be afraid of, because I am referencing my truth.

Wisdom: I gather that there isn’t a sense of "this is an outside influence that doesn’t have my best interest at heart." You can recognize it for yourself.

Jonette: I never felt that there was an outside influence. I always felt like I am in charge. I called my main Spirit Guide White Eagle in. He is what I call my Gatekeeper. I don’t have psychic experiences walking down the street. I don’t see dead people. I have an agreement with White Eagle that he is only here and shows me things when I ask. That keeps me safe and non-psychotic.

Wisdom: And then there is Mark. How did he come into your life?

Jonette: I was asking a lot of questions of White Eagle and obviously he didn’t feel he was the right one to answer, so in the middle of channeling White Eagle one day, an even bigger presence came in and identified ‘himself’ as Mark. ‘He’ is an energy being that has never been human. He has had the ability to help me break open the limits of consciousness, first for myself and then to take groups of people to higher and higher dimensions and be clear where we are going. Mark is like a higher dimensional tour guide.

Wisdom: One for which you don’t need a ticket or passport.

Jonette: And very little experience. People come to my classes and say " I don’t know if I should be here. I don’t meditate. This is all new for me." I find that our souls naturally know how to navigate in the higher dimensions. We just need a tour guide to make us feel safe and to give us some of the mile markers that we might pass. It’s totally natural. It’s just not known to us.

Wisdom: What was your initial reaction hearing someone else’s words come out of your mouth?

Jonette: My initial reaction was "That’s curious." I think it was curiosity more than anything else, absolutely not fear, absolutely not arrogance, like "Oh my gosh, how did he pick me?" It was "Let’s see where this goes." I sometimes call myself ‘The Indiana Jones of Spirituality", because I just go discovering things and I trip into amazing experiences and amazing portals and dimensions.

Wisdom: Do you feel as if you are living in the dichotomy between the two worlds of spirit and matter, or do you feel as if there is no separation?

Jonette: In our society, there is absolutely separation. I feel as if I am in those two worlds, pulling them together. The work that I am doing in the last six months, is very much fusing body and soul, spirit and matter. Sometimes I call it ‘the sun disc and the grail’. Yes, I am in both worlds, yes, humanity has been in both words, but we are bringing them together into one, where they were meant to be.

Wisdom: Can you speak about the prophecy that led to your book "The Eagle and the Condor"?

Jonette: There’s a prophecy that is known to many South American and North American Indian tribes that says ‘When the eagle of the North flies with the condor of the South, there will be peace on Earth." Many Native people are taking this prophecy seriously and there have been convocations of indigenous elders in South America and Central America, there is going to be a gathering in Yellowstone this June where the intention is to bring together the energies of North and South, but also the energies of indigenous forms of material. It’s the blending of masculine and feminine, spiritual and material and the time is now. The Hopi prophecies, the Mayan calendar, the Inca prophecies, the Hindu Vedic scriptures, all are pointing to "this is really the beginning of a grand awakening." I feel one of my roles is to help create the human consciousness that will be needed beyond 2012. Because I am skilled at navigating and reconstructing human consciousness at levels at which I can’t really describe what I am doing, I realize that my work is to build the bones of what human consciousness is becoming, so that when the masses get there, there will be some structure for them. I work at the edges of human consciousness to build the pathways for the future.

Wisdom: That’s a pretty heavy undertaking. Are there times when you question: "Do I have what it takes to do this?", or are you certain that you wouldn’t have been called on if not?

Jonette: I’ve learned and I’ve put this in my book, that there are three steps in our spiritual awakening. The first step is that we recognize that we have a gift or power. The second step is saying "Ok, I acknowledge and accept it." and letting it into our smallness and allowing it to be integrated. The third step is once we have integrated our new gift or power, is a mission shows up. I’m given the knowledge of great gifts and then the ideas just come, "You need to go around the world and activate the elements of earth and air and fire and water." Or "You need to create the consciousness for the new calendar beyond the year 2012." I knew the idea wouldn’t come into my head if I didn’t have the skills and I think that’s true of everyone. It’s not me. If you have an unbelievable vision, you wouldn’t have that vision if you didn’t have the inner consciousness skills.

Wisdom: When you are called on, do you feel that you get your ‘marching orders’ every day?

Jonette: If I asked, I would get them. Most of my days I get up and start working on the computer and doing my office work and preparing my schedule. I believe we can all have our marching orders if we asked. Before we go on a trip, for instance I am leading a group to Peru in September for the equinox, I will ask the Guides, "What is our spiritual mission?" If I ask it too early, the Guides don’t really know where humanity will be going and what will be needed. So about two months before, I’ll ask and I always get an answer and it is always extraordinary and it never happens where I think it will or when I think it will. In Peru, I used think the most amazing things would happen in Machu Picchu , but they don’t. They happen in the shaman’s living room, or they happen in a cave.

Wisdom: Speaking of shaman’s living room...you have written in your book about your connection with your friend Mallku, an Andean shaman, as your Twin Flame. A lot of people speak of that concept. What does that mean to you?

Jonette: Before I came to the realization that Mallku was my Twin Flame, I didn’t believe it. I thought it was just about spiritual women longing for love. It hit me like a bolt of lightning, when I wondered why I had a strong connection to this Andean shaman I had never met or talked to. The words sputtered out of my mouth, "He is my Twin Flame. He is of my soul." After that, I have learned a lot more. We all have Soul Mates and they are part of our Soul Family and we incarnate with them time and time again, because we are to help each other. A Soul Mate may be a husband or wife, or it might be a kid. They have been with us for many incarnations. Twin Flames or Twin Souls started at the beginning of humanity coming to Earth; of man’s spirituality coming to Earth. We were androgynous, light beings. When we began to need to procreate, the Great Councils of Light, deemed that we would split each individualized soul into perfect compliments; male and female. Those would be the beginning seeds of mankind. Most people say "Oh, I want to be with my Twin Flame. I want to have a relationship with my Twin Soul." The point is not to have a relationship with them. The point is to evolve separately and to have hundreds of lives without each other. Once in awhile, they meet in that life and that meeting is kind of a crashing together or two halves or a melting together of two halves and everything that the other has learned in their hundreds of journey’s goes into you and everything you have learned in your hundreds of journey’s goes into that person. For hundreds of more lives, you are on your own again. Most of the time, your Twin Flame is not incarnated at the same time. They are your best buddies and they are usually on the other side when you are here. When people say "I want them.", they should be saying that it is their Soul Mate that they want. Your Twin Flame comes when it is an important time in this world, so that you can usually have a very important mission.

Wisdom: Is that person difficult to recognize or is there a felt sense?

Jonette: I tell people, if it is difficult to recognize or you have any question at all, then it’s not your Twin Flame. It is so different from falling in love. In fact, it doesn’t feel at all like falling in love. It feels electric. It feels like another part of you that you didn’t even know was missing, is in the same room. It was like a searing blast of laser beam that hit me. My knees crumbled and I started crying in the moment. I had no doubt. I wasn’t looking for it, nor did I believe it. It’s not as common as people think. It’s more common these days than it has been for hundreds of years because so many changes are happening on the planet and we are needing people to come together with their other half to share experiences so we can help the Universe evolve. I always remind people; the point is not to be together. That’s why you were split in the first place.

Wisdom: Is there a sense of longing people have when they are not connected to that person?

Jonette: I’m not sure. In my experience, I feel totally whole in myself, so I wasn’t longing for that complement. Even now, I don’t long for a connection with him. I’m really whole in who I am and he’s really whole and accomplished in who he is. I can’t really answer that. Many other people feel that longing. I don’t.

Wisdom: It probably helped that you were already certain about your relationship with your own Life Partner.

Jonette: It would ruin the marriage to have a longing for someone who wasn’t my husband, that’s for sure.

Wisdom: Of all the places you have traveled, was there one site that really moved you?

Jonette: Well, there’s no place of beauty that rivals the high Himalayas in the neighborhood of Mount Everest. The mountain beauty, the blue sky, the beauty of the Sherpa people is amazing. That’s not accessible to most people. In an accessible place of great beauty, whenever I see Machu Picchu, it takes my breath away. It’s a combination of God’s beauty and mankind’s improvement on that beauty. Mankind usually detracts from that beauty.

Wisdom: If you could have your fondest wish for your book, how would you want it to touch people?

Jonette: It would remind them of their greatness and their unique path and empower them to trust whatever path they are walking. The book itself gives people energy and initiation. As they read the story, the intention is to give them the next level of spiritual initiation that they are ready for. The book is just an excuse for mass scale spiritual initiation.

Wisdom: Have you gotten feedback from people that it has already started doing that?

Jonette: Yes. People say "I’ve counted seven initiations so far." Another said, "I’ve held your book as I rode the train back and forth and even before I started, I could feel the energy." I believe that was why I was strongly guided to write the book. I had no need to write a book. I didn’t have the time to write the book, but the voice was strongly insistent that I must. I realized that because my role is as an initiator, that somehow I had the gifts to go to very high levels, and then to filter that power back into humanity and plug humanity in, I had that responsibility to share those energies. It’s not like the olden times when the priests and priestesses held everything secret, like in Mystery Schools. That was then and this is now, where the secrets, energy and power are being released. The book is the medium for the receiving of those powers and energies that it is time for.

Wisdom: Even though you were the scribe for the book, the energies were present even before the first word was typed.

Jonette: The energies are humanity’s birth-right. They’ve been hidden by our own lack of development. We are coming into age. We are coming into our own maturity and so these energies have been waiting. One part of my role recently has been to help people to bring their soul and body into harmony. I have found, that because of abuse or fear, so many people aren’t open receptacles to their own soul’s power. I have been working on something called Soul-Body Fusion that is a session that helps people harmonize and bring the power of their soul into their body. I’m teaching people how to do it, so they can do it in their healing practice and on themselves or family. The vision of all of us having our full power present in our bodies is part of the healing of the spirit/body separation that we’ve had for so long.

To learn more about Jonette’s work, visit her website: www.jonettecrowley.com


Edie Weinstein-Moser is a journalist, speaker, interfaith minister, therapist, massage and energy worker and can be reached via her website www.liveinjoy.org

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