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Astrological Forecast for August

by Lou Valentino

July ends with a new Moon in Leo at 8 degrees and the full Moon in August is in the opposite sign of Leo, Aquarius. Leo is about individual empowerment and Aquarius is about group empowerment.

The Leo new Moon on July 31st is at 11:12PM and starts new beginnings for those with Sun, Moon or rising in Leo. See what houses Leo is ruling in your chart. This new Moon chart has a Leo signature with 5 planets in the fire element and 5 planets in the fixed quality.

The stubbornness of both Leo and Aquarius can be equal to Taurus or Scorpio. All these signs are fixed in quality and do not enjoy changing things around. They are not flexible unless a mutable sign is a part of the natal signature.

We have felt the intense energy of July which had eclipses, Mercury, Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter and Neptune all in retrograde motion. What a great month for a vacation but not a good month for moving forward. July required patience for all signs.

This new Moon on July 31st is greatly needed to start new beginnings in entertainment industries, childcare, politics, sports and romance.

In July the signs of Capricorn and Cancer had most of the lessons which are finding balance in vocation verses home life. These lessons continue for these two signs till the beginning of 2020.

Now we have the signs of Leo and Aquarius trying to find balance in their lives. 2 T-squares are in this new Moon chart as well as a Yod (finger of God). With Venus, Sun, Moon and Mars all in Leo, the sign of Leo takes center stage trying to figure out just how to navigate their lives in a way that feels balanced.

Mars is making 2 nice trines, the wind at your back, to the rising sign of Aries and to Jupiter in Sagittarius. This shows that the energies that appear to be stuck in the 2 T-squares and Yod have some wind at your backs so be patient this month of August.

Directions in vocation and relationships take place. Not only romantic but friendships and your relationships with your children. Parents born under the signs of Leo, Aquarius, Taurus, Scorpio, Capricorn and Cancer can’t wait for the kids to go back to school as the balancing act between work and family life need adjustment. By the end of August, you’re going to get it.

The part of fortune is there to offer good luck in the mist of confusion and chaos. The Yod effects the signs of Leo, Pisces and Capricorns. They are at odds with directing their creative abilities in a way that can benefit their professional lives.

Pisces is known to get lost or escape from reality through anything that will numb the pain of day to day living. Capricorns want to escape through their work and Leo wants all the attentions and is tired of anyone disagreeing with their well-defined plans.

All these signs, especially Leo, need to take a step back and see what is causing most of the stress and adjust. This may mean working with other people who understand where you’re coming from. It could be a boss that is just too arrogant to admit that they could use some advice from those that are working under them. Leo’s are not the best sign for working with others, but they are very creative and romantic.

They are a giving sign but need to avoid a narcissistic attitude that caters on the need for constant attentions. They are better off giving themselves away on stage for an audience or to children so the balance is created. They would rather be the boss than the servant.

Aquarius is more concerned with working with others and creating a new unique mark on life. They get more of the attentions for this on the full Moon in August.

Mercury is stationary direct on July 31st helping this new Moon create less confusion as it stations around 23 degrees of Cancer. Cancer has spent most of July thinking things over and they do have the courage now more than ever to make the needed changes to grow more in their lives and be respected by their children and spouses. Move forward and let go of old things that don’t allow you to grow. Stop feeling guilty about everything. Grrrrrrrr……

Mercury moves out of its shadow by August 15th when it will be at 4 degrees of Leo where it started it’s retrogration on July 7th. Just in time for the full Moon in Aquarius on the 15th.

Jupiter stations direct on August 11th at 14 degrees of Sagittarius and its time for America to work out a trading deal with China. Jupiter rules international affairs and is the great benefic in astrology. If you are born under the sign of Sagittarius, you will be able to feel like things are moving forward till beginning of December 2019. Then, Jupiter will move into Capricorn.

Mercury moves into Leo on August 11th. This will help those with Sun, Moon or rising in Leo to make clearer choices and may be the ideal time to move ahead from what they have thought about over the last few weeks.

Uranus will station retrograde on August 11th also in Taurus at 6 degrees and slow down the economy a bit till it stations direct on January 11, 2020 at 2 degrees of Taurus.

Taurus is being forced in one way or another to adapt to new areas of life. They do not enjoy change and Uranus may be the planet that creates the kind of change that helps them to grow more in other areas than money. A possible residential move is in store also with this combination.

The full Moon on August 15th is in Aquarius at 22 degrees at (8:29AM EDT) giving those with Sun, Moon or rising in Aquarius a feeling of contentment. We still have a Leo signature in this full Moon chart which was also the signature sign for the new Moon on July 31st. Lot’s of fire element and fixed quality.

What is it that Aquarius and Leo need to let go of in order to grow? This is the question for the new and full Moon of July 31st and August 15th. Aquarius wants to be with groups and friends and try out new and different things, but do they need so many friends in their lives?

Leo wants to be noticed and is more interested in one to one partnerships and children. Do they need to expand their social life with more friends or go out for the night to a concert with a special someone?

The tensions are less in the full Moon chart. More energy to move forward and get things done now that Mercury is out of its shadow and Jupiter is moving direct. Look for an improved energy and luck for the signs of Leo, Aquarius and Cancer for the second half of August.

Lot’s of energies change to Virgo from August 18th with a very relaxed feeling by August 30th as the new Moon is in Virgo at 6 degrees and making some wonderful trines between several planets. What a different feeling than what we have experienced from the beginning of July through August 18th.

Mars moves into Virgo on August 18th. Then Venus moves into Virgo on August 21st. The Sun moves into Virgo on August 23rd. Happy Birthday to the sign of Virgo. Then, Mercury moves in Virgo on August 29th and a new Moon in Virgo on August 30th.

Wow. Get those books, pencils and pens ready for a new year of school. Parents are very happy, and students are always a bit reluctant, but this year could be different with so much energy in Virgo.

Mercury is the natural ruling planet of Virgo giving them the ability to be organized unless the Sun sign is afflicted. They make great students but sometimes their perfectionist ability can drive others crazy. They can be hygienic and many Virgos’ become nurses or doctors. Many also are healers even if they are not aware of this. Virgo is an Earth sign, so they are dependable and do not enjoy being the center of attentions.

The new Moon chart for August 30th, which is Labor Day weekend is a great start for new beginnings and a last vacation trip to the beaches with family and friends. There is some tension in this new Moon chart between Jupiter square to both Venus and Mars and Venus and Mars opposing Neptune but that’s it.

This T-square is more about feeling some tension with change as the energy sifts from a vacation mode to work and education. So, not a bad tension.

It is Uranus that is trine to 5 planets and the part of fortune in Virgo that are in a stellium. Stellium is 3 or more planets close to each other. Uranus is creating some soft winds at the backs of those with Sun, Moon or rising in Virgo and allowing more opportunities for growth through education, healthcare and any vocation that involves details like secretarial work or researching several aspects of a project to put it all together at a later date. This energy runs from August 30th till September 14th.

The trines between Uranus to Mercury, Part of Fortune, Moon, Sun, Mars and Venus gives new and exciting energies in the areas that these planets represent especially for the sign of Virgo.

Mercury represents communications, Moon is affiliated with woman and the mother, Sun is how we identify with our own individual needs, Mars is about physical energy and Venus is about beauty and romance.

All these areas are starting on a new footing with lots of confidence for the signs of Virgo and Taurus. New ways of looking at investments in their lives to build a better financial future. Pisces also benefits being the opposite sign of Virgo. Pisces can learn how to be more practical and grounded. A great opportunity for the sign of Pisces to get real about how to manifest what they dream about.

Opportunities are also there for the signs of Capricorn as Saturn, South Node and Pluto sextile Neptune and Saturn trines Venus. Maybe all the lessons Capricorn has been learning from both Saturn and Pluto are staring to sink in. The need for Capricorn to be more personal and take care of loved ones at home not just through work but through a more intimate expressions at home with family.

I don’t want to spoil everyone’s fun, but summer is winding down after Labor Day weekend but as we start a new energy of less tensions on August 15th, we can say goodbye to a wonderful summer of 2019 in my next months September column.

For now, let’s enjoy the rest of the summer and look forward to a great start to a new school year. Let go of the intense stuck energy of July through the middle of August and embrace all the wonderful new benefits from our inner journey of retrograde plants and eclipses.

In September Saturn will turn direct joining both Mercury and Jupiter in direct motion.


Lou Valentino has been giving astrological consultations for over 25 years in both Western and Vedic astrology. Go to www.yogavisionaries.com for all of his services and testimonials from clients. Call 860-574-9467 to schedule a reading.

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