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Your Horoscope for January & February 2020

by Elizabeth Joyce

The January 10th Full Moon in Cancer brings a Lunar Eclipse and is doubly powerful and special. Although this energy is a time when you bring projects to a successful and positive conclusion, the eclipse suggests that it’s best to wait until the following week to celebrate an event or sign any papers.

The January 24th New Moon in Aquarius brings a time when it’s important to break away from the old same ‘ole same ‘ole and create a new focus or lifestyle.

The February 9th Full Moon in Leo brings a time to use your leadership skills, personal creative projects, or anything to do with children to a successful and positive conclusion.

The February 23rd New Moon in Pisces brings a once a year chance to use your vision, inspiration and compassion to release old habits, addictions, or dependencies and begin a new lifestyle that will benefit your mental health and spiritual wellbeing.

Mercury retrogrades February 16th through March 9th, 2020


Aries (3/21-4/20)

There’s a reckoning at hand and January feels like the biggest upheaval you’ve ever experienced. Release and ideas that you are in charge of anything, not even yourself, and you’ll find inner strength you didn’t even know you had. Please realize that the challenge you are facing comes from inside you, and that you need to experience this process, instead of trying to push it away. Stop pushing for power and control and instead push for mastery. In February it’s hard to focus your attention as your creative mind shifts into overdrive. You’re in uncharted territory that Lights you up from inside. You may feel like you’ve struck gold. Now Aries, find a way to manifest all these great ideas with the seeds you have planted.

Taurus (4/21-5/21)

2020 begins with a kick and shake up that you will feel to your very core. This energy sets up a year of profound transformation. This will be upsetting and unnerving but you are ready to tackle any challenges. Always rely on what sustains your fortitude and persevere. Do not react by acting in haste. Let go and know that life will not be the same. Trust the Universe by putting one foot in front of the other. In February life begins to settle down, although you may feel a bit of numbness. Do not give up or throw in the towel. You are actually doing some very important inner level work at a very deep level. Relax, trust, and breathe, and all will come together in time.

Gemini (5/21-6/20)

The year begins with a strong challenge to your physical system and lifestyle. You may be feeling like a complete emotional mess. The challenge is what was presented to you last year at the Spring Equinox, creating either an opportunity or crisis or both. You are to examine any deeply entrenched beliefs have about what is valuable to you and find a way to shift or change them. You now have an ever-expanding sense of who you are at your core. So face your fears, reluctance and resistance head on, no matter who or what gets in your way, or how insecure you feel. This is crucial if you are to build a new foundation in your life. February brings a softer and lighter, if not foggy, feeling around the edges. You are finding out where your life is on track or where it’s stuck. Another month of caution is recommended, especially since mercury is retrograde for most of the month. Take time to look at where things are in your life, especially concerning your career and money.

Cancer (6/21-7/22)

January brings a month of inner conflict. You experience this is many ways, but especially with your connection with others. You’re not sure if you’re going to come crashing to the ground or soar up to new levels. This irresistible force pushed you to reinvent your life or to maintain the status quo; the immoveable object. The key is not to choose either path but to recognize your need for both— a shift and a new foundation. Trust yourself to find the solution. February allows the pressure to ease up and you can breathe easier again. It’s a good time to take charge and establish some healthy boundaries with others. Remember, you can’t fix what you didn’t break.

Leo (7/23-8/22)

January’s powerful conjunction of Mars, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, along with the Full Moon eclipse on the 10th require you to be tapped into your life and that vulnerability that allows you to grow, transmute and transform any facet of your life that has gone stale, deteriorated, or completely vanished. You can no longer avoid your feelings, Leo, and it’s time to do some major housecleaning. It’s not like you to hide, but that’s exactly what you feel like doing his month because you are being blitzed by a never-ending onslaught of pressure not only to your mind but to your Soul. Take charge of what belongs to you, cast aside the demands of others, and find a place that nourished you both inside and out. In February you bounce back from the deep depths you have been through with enthusiasm and determination. This allows you to put everything in its proper perspective and reconnects you to the core of who you really are. Push forward with strength and watch out world!

Virgo (8/23-9/22)

January’s eclipse invites you to stop ignoring the hopes and wishes you so carefully keep hidden behind the hard work that you believe must be done before you have the right to follow your bliss. You’re so used to taking care of business that you aren’t really sure what that is. Between now and the June eclipse the energies are telling you to recognize that you have created the proper foundation to build anything your hart desires. This month there is no relief in sight from the powerful intensity pushing you to break out of old patterns so you can live a life free from compulsive behavior and unrealistic expectations. At the same time you can hang on to the structures you have built. It’s extremely difficult for you not to engage in analysis paralysis with no sufficient answers to your thoughts. You are overtaxing your mind in a stressful way. February brings an amazing relief from that pressure, and you wonder what all the fuss was about. You deserve to be calm and comfortable. Just know that you are processing in spaces and places in your consciousness that are immune to the Virgo logical mind.

Libra (9/23-10/22)

January and the Lunar Eclipse on the 10th is telling you that running away is futile, Libra. You are avoiding the internal reckoning bubble that is gurgling below the surface of your consciousness. The time has come! Are you going to do more than paying lip service to letting go of what is toxic and unfulfilling in your life and actually let go? Sure you’re overwhelmed, but you have the strength and awareness to rebirth yourself, just from the energies of your inner awareness. Face the fears that seem insurmountable, of course they’re not, and the rewards that follow throughout this year will blow your mind! February brings the desire to have fun and play, which ignites a huge creative spark that shows you just how vibrant and alive your world, your life, and you can be. You like people, yes you do. You feel free because you see people as who they really are without the need to save them.

Scorpio (10/ 23-11/22)

January brings you the need to clean out your emotional dungeon. You may feel at the end of your rope. The New Year feels like just one cycle coming to a close and the beginning of a new one. Remember this feeling, because it’s one you’ll encounter through most of 2020. You are finishing up this decade sorting and shifting through a bunch of left-over emotional material in preparation for your initiation into a fresh life perspective and renewed sense of your own worth. Although you’ve purged many unhealthy emotions and thoughts, what will you do to replace them? The January 10th eclipse encourages you to form a new set of guiding principles that honors and respects all things you and your powerful nature. With this process complete, you are ready to apply your new sense of self to the next phase of your growth. However, you are not at all enamored with the lack of focus that plagues you as February opens. You want to get something – anything – accomplished, but everything seems to vaporize without warning. Relief is on the way at month’s end, when you can put your preparation to good use.

Sagittarius (11/23-12/21)

January begins with you feeling a bit “off.” You’re not quite yourself because you’re not really sure of what’s going on. It seems as if you’re standing on ground that’s continually shifting. You’re right Sag., and this has been going on for most of last year. These intense changes haven’t been an easy process for you because being vulnerable and sensitive doesn’t come easy. The focus of this evolution, because you have grown and gained strength, is to allow you to become more integrated with the inner you. This continues through 2020 and a shift arrives in May. In the eighteen months that follow this shift you will find yourself developing new pathways in being your SELF. Along the way you will be finding old patterns you created in how you show up in the world and how you deal with people in your life. This is a natural process, not any bump in the road and one that promises to revitalize you. In February you breathe a huge sigh of relief. Your confidence returns) and you realize it’s always a challenge when you lose sight of that inner compass. One thing that emerges is the awareness that you need to revitalize you, how you handle money and success, and you are driven to do so. You feel there is no choice because you cannot live a life that holds no meaning for you.

Capricorn (12/22-1/19

As January opens you may feel as if your life is about to come to an end, Cap. It’s not but the inner pressure to make up your mind about where you want to go and what you truly want to do shows no signs of stopping. No, you don’t have to crawl out of your skin to alleviate what you are feeling. Just recognize that you are on the verge of a rebirth. To accomplish this you must let go of anything rigid and limiting; you are being offered by the Universe to create a healthier and more nourishing emotional foundation. Too often you are likely to surpress the “feeling” side of your nature, because you’re not really sure of what this value is, especially in a world that sees emotions and feelings an inconvenience at best. No matter how hard you try to answer the questions demanding your attention, it’s simply not going to happen. The shift you’re going through is about honoring a new shift in your life that is emerging. Answers and solutions will come later. February brings in more confusion and uncertainty. One minute your focused and making plans, and the next minute they all vaporize. Accept that this is about learning to think Imaginatively and not rationally, and some very interesting possibilities can begin to emerge.

Aquarius (1/20-2/18)

As January open you are asking, “Hey, who turned out the lights? Seriously, who?” You’re pretty sure it wasn’t you. This energy highlights the inner examination of all things in your life related to how you feel about , well, everything. Right now you feel very sensitive and emotional that you can’t grasp what’s happening, and that can leave you speechless. How can you share this with anyone when you can’t put anything into words, much less a complete sentence? You begin 2020 with very clear goals in mind and enough mojo to fly into space. However, things don’t go quite as planned and you get sidetracked with a number of other possibilities. Don’t get frustrated with yourself. Recognize that you are forming your future. The time for you to manifest your goals isn’t that far away. February allows you to take a deep breath and begin to feel like yourself again, only better. You’re aware that this is only temporary but don’t attempt to read the future. You probably need to clear your circuits so you can meet every challenge or delay with grace and confidence rather than impatience and grumpiness.

Pisces (2/19-3/20)

January has you feeling that you’re headed for a brick wall at top speed. The wall is any carefully structured reality that needs to be torn down, and the speed is your desire to just do it and get it over with. You wish to actually transform your life instead of just dreaming about it. Old patterns surface in how other people treat you and it leaves you wondering if you are actually making any progress in changing your approach to life and your relationships. Remember throughout 2020 that this is a year of a work in progress. February isn’t much better, Pisces. You feel as if there’s a cloud hanging over your head that will hit you with unforeseen troubles and complications. Take heart. It’s only the past hitting you in the face, along with some strong negative energy that’s hitting everyone now. Put your guilt and pain away because it’s appropriate to focus on your life and your healing at this time. To make significant changes you need to recharge and regroup. Then the awareness of what your next step should be will come.

Elizabeth Joyce is a modern day mystic, author, and Master Spiritual Teacher/Healer through the Grace of God. She transmits this pure energy from the Source. Healing has occurred simply by being in her presence, or by voice activation, or vibration. She is a popular, gifted speaker on the unknown mysteries, higher realities, and higher wisdom. Many of her accurate successes have been documented through national media. Website: new-visions.com. Listen to Elizabeth Joyce Sunday evenings, 10:00 PM Eastern and 9:00 PM Central at Station 1, on www.BBSRadio.com/letsfindout.

Elizabeth Joyce

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