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Summer Psychic Horoscopes and Messages from the Stars

by Elissa Heyman

COVID19 in 2020: In March and early April it looked like August would be the peak of deaths in the U.S., and then it changed. If the corona virus were a predator animal, suddenly it had thousands of more prey. That’s because of the push to open the country early. Then it looked like there would be no peak in August and descent, but a steady pace of deaths.
The virus is like an onion that has layers and shows up in different ways. It’s rude and callous and spreads o’er the land, and people react in both valiant ways and violent ways. Some goals to combat it are not reached… but it is suspended somehow, and leaves us in suspense.

Sweden’s approach: People don’t end up adopting what they try, or continuing to think it’s a good idea.

COVID19 in 2022: (USA): What seems to be here is anger about how things were handled and continue to be handled, where peoples’ rights are usurped by the powers that be; they’re railroaded, - not given aid - the coffers are raided and responsibility is evaded and greed hides behind ideology. But the people don’t seem to have power, and democracy is sold, just like the treatment for the virus might be sold and not given.

USA: Like narcissistic psychopaths do to their Significant Others, Trump as president of the United States blows up his relationship with the American people, and betrays them. Somehow the country has to start over after him. The USA becomes a “failed state”, with years more recovery ahead of it. Like a strong, very bad wind that sweeps across the nation, greed-driven choices are not done ravaging yet and wreaking havoc and taking many lives, this Summer and in 2021.

Mercury Rx in Cancer, mid-June through most of July (shadow until July 26th) - Mercury in emotional Cancer has many other retrograde planets opposing it. This can be a pretty moody time beginning roughly June 18th but probably before. Mercury in Cancer in general makes people really feel their thoughts, and feel what they’re thinking and seeing. Stay focused on the positive as much as possible!

You can have feelings of not being in control, and that it’s hard to stay focused. But it’s also a time when “shortcuts”, time-savers, ways to get out of situations and avoid scams, cons, or traps, will spontaneously and instinctively occur to you. Trust your sense to dodge, or your self-preserving thoughts!

If your goals call for your willingness and skills and refer to what you uniquely know, Mercury retrograde in Cancer is a very good time to receive inspiration. Its hallmark is that what you come to understand now, can lead to a method or manner that would be quicker and more direct and to the point.

Mid-June to Mid-July Follies and Happy Surprises: The traditional warning about Mercury being a time to check details twice holds true now. It’s easy to get confused and get appointment times wrong and make mistakes on forms, and have a system stop functioning. Stay on top of changing details! It’s not a great time to make commitments or assume you know what’s happening into the future, and in your life. It’s a time to get used to the changing, fluid nature of the present and its opportunity for personal change.

However, something special about Mercury in Cancer, the natural ruler of the 4th house dealing with home, is that things that have been lost can find their way home; circumstances a long time in-process can finally manifest; and the general idea of “return to” - and returning to your own sense of your genuine self can occur in with Mercury in Cancer. Also, time for home repairs and fixing things up!

June 30,th Jupiter Retrograde and Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn conjunct, opposite Mercury Retrograde in Cancer: Yuck, the news is bad. What people empowered by institutions want to do, and what other people want to do, are two different things. Big-time conflict ensues. It depends on your personal planets how individuals are impacted, but in general one is faced with having to adjust to circumstances beyond their control, causing them to have to upgrade their skills, change their course, decide to invest in different aspects of themselves that are more what they “feel” they should do, and in general upset their own status quo. Everything that isn’t working or that needs to be done is revealed.

2020 Eclipse Season Horoscopes for the Fire, Water, Air and Earth Signs

Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Fire Signs:This is when many of you find channels for your power or creativity that have been denied, or were just not possible before. There’s a breakthrough in your connection to the world to nurture. A lot of action would give this leap traction, so be willing to work and put in the energy. Be careful with your words: they can impact more people then you are expecting. Be truthful but not judgmental.
Full Moon Eclipse message: The spirits say, “Oh, you’re aghast at the feedback! Feedback about what?” This suggests you could regrettably speak before you think. Be true with your words, be gentle, and be kind. Be willing to do what you’re asked by what feels like “divine”… because now, your creativity is poppin’! Time to make your best stuff! You’re likely to let go of things this eclipse full moon, the way a balloonist throws sandbags overboard so he can rise higher and go where he wants.

Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, Water Signs: You’re ready to swing into action whether the world is ready for you or not. You need more information to make a decision or see what’s happening. This is not a time when you have power to act, even with the very strong desire to do so that you emit.
Full Moon Eclipse message: Stay focused on the small; examine how things are growing gradually… be happy with what it is that you can see, and let the wild waves of the world wash over you. Seek to refresh your spirit and get back to the understanding of what is in the purview of your control and what isn’t. Then you can relax, be healthy, and be happy. Know that your spirit guides are close by now, and will be all the way through November. In December, there’s some sort of spiritual change -- some sort of welcome change.

Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, Air Signs: You are getting what you want this June! If there have been obstacles, it looks like they are eliminated. It looks like you have the support that you sought, and are very happy about it. It looks like you can continue with plans unobstructed.
Full Moon Eclipse message: It all feels like too much, you have to slow down, you have to take in less… this can be a very exhilarating time and opportunities are in the air, but you need more time to rest than the other signs, and don’t try to perform while overwhelmed. Find ways to stay in balance and seek what kind of breaks are soothing.

Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, Earth Signs: Something gets set up that establishes you far away, or far into the future. It is stabilizing. Something can happen that looks good… you get more word about it in July. So you can rest easy, the connection has already been established.
Full Moon Eclipse message: Hold on to your horses, you’re moving too fast. Don’t get too excited about what’s to come, keep on working on establishing what you’re building. Keep on strengthening yourself, and getting things done. Write down your ideas but do not think you need to be in a rush, or that you should be moving faster or in a different place by now: Everything is A-OK.

Elissa Heyman is a psychic counselor and healer based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, in professional practice since 1979. She consults by phone with clients anywhere, and will resume in-person sessions in Santa Fe as soon as it is safely possible. More predictions and guidance are in updates on Elissa’s blog. For booking information or to read Elissa’s monthly prediction and psychic guidance newsletter to clients, please visit www.elissaheyman.com, call 505-982-3294, or text 505-577-4012.

Elissa Heyman

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