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An Early Peek Into Predictions for 2021

by Elizabeth Joyce

2020 has been an amazing year. The planet is getting ready for a very powerful year of 2021. I’m not looking at the negativity that’s been going on, but instead, the purging and preparation for what’s ahead. Okay everyone, get ready for amazing changes and a forceful and life-changing 2021.

Since the millennium began, I have been naming every year to describe what the energy would be within that year. I will review the last three years:

2018 The Year of Transition

This was when your awareness began of all the things you needed to change before you could progress any further on your spiritual path. For you personally, you had to bring relationships, work, life direction, and perhaps location to an end. You had to delve deep within and create a life-style change that was much needed for you to survive and thrive. Many of you did. Life changes and energy blocks forced you to look at whatever wasn’t working in your life. This is when you began to set up a plan to make the necessary changes.

2019 The Year of Transformation

This was the year you took the action to make those necessary changes. You had to do what you needed to do to make the changes, albeit difficult. Then you needed to heal and work on adjusting to the new life changes you created. It may have been scary, difficult, and upsetting, but you had many others who supported you and helped you do the drastic things you had to do. At the end of 2019 you saw clearly how much better off you were as your life began to flow again. Not in the same way, but differently and certainly more peaceful.

2020 The Year of Expansion

The awakened ones and Light workers became certain that you are not the body. You are not the abuse you have suffered, your not ugly or poor; or the looser, the fat geek, the wanna be, or whatever name you give yourself or we give to each other. You know, the names or labels that are not so nice. And never uplifting. The truth is that we are really all Light Beings, and whatever else we name ourselves are the illusions of life. This was a huge and perhaps painful test.

Now – in 2021, can you move past all these things? Can you expand into your Light Being body and quit getting hung up on things that really don’t matter? That is your next test during this roller coaster ride of the upcoming year.

Ask yourself this, “Am I going to get hung up on the material world, or can I let it all go?” Letting it all go is critical! This illusion and these lies you tell yourself must die. It is said that you have to die before you die. Stay strong, stay focused. Meditate daily and bring in the Light. Work hard and diligently to bring down and center yourself within this higher vibration.

As you let go, know that these negative thoughts and beliefs will dissolve and die as you allow yourself to go into that altered space and begin to receive messages from your angels and guides. Then you will have no requirements or judgments from anybody else. That’s when you can access and dwell within the love center. That’s what you’ll have. How marvelous, uplifting, peaceful, and life saving.

Remember this, last fall nothing was going on? Life was moving along okay. But I predicted on New Year’s Eve of 2020 Coast to Coast, AM that the year would be difficult, surprising, and a bumpy ride. That all came to pass; who would have thought how bumpy? Nothing is the same as we move through the winding down of the summer months, and we have more to go. The ride will continue to be bumpy through 2021 and 2022.

2021 will be the year of Critical Choice, and I’ not kidding around.

I am writing this a bit early because I feel you need to have more time to prepare for the things to come. The events to come could begin as early as this fall. In September you need to get ready for another shift as well as unprecedented weather changes and upsets. It could be a difficult one, or an amazing one, or a mixture of both. Our culture and belief systems are jumbled up, getting shifted around, and you need to stay above the fray. By you are reading this the changes will already be in motion. Do not allow yourself to get drawn into the darkness of the anger and hate energy. There is a Divine Plan here that is in the early stages of unfolding. Hang onto that and know that you are always protected. You will intuitively be guided to know what to do.

I have not said that we’re going into cataclysms or trials and tribulation but EXPANSION. We have to let go of all the confusion and darkness. Things may not happen right on January 1st, but they will come along throughout the year – and sooner than later.

There is a shift of energy coming in mid-September and a few more throughout the fall months. We’ve been in transformation, watching videos, taking classes on Zoom, and learning how to expand into that special space. Learning how to let go of all of our pre-conditioning; the judgments, stubbornness, having to be right, etc. It’s time to let go of all the thoughts of separation we have created about humans. That is just not true!

You can create a new inner truth for yourself, one of expansion. You know that your “right” and that your thoughts don’t have to be the same as everyone else. However, you can respect the thoughts of others. They are just another student of the universe, out there on their journey, making their choices. Whatever they are thinking at the moment they need for their soul growth, and it’s their choice.

Now – in 2021 – you will be going through the tests of critical choice. This growing and adjusting time is not going to end; in fact it’s going to expand. Whatever we have our focus on the Light side or the dark side, will expand, This purging and recalibration cannot be stopped! What does that mean?

I’m very happy to tell you that we have hit a “tipping point” in awakening. So we are going, growing, going, growing and accelerating, just like the frequency of the planet. We shifted into the new energies of the Fifth Dimension. It was last December, 2019. The purging has begun, and the planet was hit with an all time high frequency. Why? We shifted! Yes!! We shifted into an awakening point . We are realizing that we have been a violent, selfish, and dark species. Now we are shifting into the Light. Many won’t choose to go into the Light space, but enough of us will and we are shifting into the new reality. We are already doing it, and the groundwork began on December 21, 2012. Now we have access into the Fifth Dimension and there’s no arguing there.

Know that you can heal yourself. You don’t see problems, you only see opportunities for solutions. You don’t have to be right. You’re allowed your opinion and you realize that somebody else is equally as right and you respect that. In fact you don’t even need to have these types of discussions because there’s really nothing to discuss. There’s only experience, exploration and expansion. Your choices and decisions bring you your personal experience.

This experience can be fun. How can we work with nature? Better yet, how can we work in harmony with one another? This is what we’re learning and doing right now. It’s all pretty amazing isn’t it?

I will be giving some Zoom workshops to help you learn how to control what you are manifesting. If you don’t control your manifesting, and think that we are living in chaos, you can allow the outside world to control you. When you realize that you are manifesting the same ‘ole same ‘ole again, and again, and again, it starts to blow your mind because you are in control. When you are struggling with the challenges that come your way and begin to realize that they are also opportunities, and you can then focus, create, focus, create. It’s unlimited. Along with this growth will come new challenges that you will need to adjust to and work through, but we all agreed to that before we came into a body.

Remember that opportunities and challenges help you to move up to another level of Light. As long as you’re in a body, there’s always another level to go to. Are you ready now? Remember it’s critical choice, not a decision – but critical! It’s go time now. “We are who we have been waiting for.

Whatever words we deliver is a choice. However we perceive what a person says to us is a choice. Your action is a choice. What you put into your body is a critical choice. What you do to the planet is a critical choice as well.” —Mentor

Remember, it’s the butterfly that can create the hurricane. That’s you. You’re the butterfly. Everything is a critical choice in 2021, and you will personally see the result of that choice for yourself as we walk through the energies of 2021. If you put out the negativity, you will experience that and you will feel it.

When you go into the higher energies, you will feel it. You will enjoy the love, the universal support and the amazing things that come from that. The abundance comes. There has never been a better time to recreate yourself and move into the world of abundance. Just focus and stay in the present. Concentrate on what you can do and give out to the planet now.

You’re responsible for you and everything that comes out of your mouth. So, no more blaming, complaining, or judgment. It’s too exhausting and takes too much out of you. What are your intentions? What can you be manifesting? Your strength is that you don’t have to receive any negativity from another person. If someone wants to hurt you, that’s on them. You don’t have to accept it. Okay. Get ready. 2021 here we come.

Elizabeth Joyce is a modern day mystic, author, and Master Spiritual Teacher/Healer through the Grace of God. She transmits this pure energy from the Source. Healing has occurred simply by being in her presence, or by voice activation, or vibration. She is a popular, gifted speaker on the unknown mysteries, higher realities, and higher wisdom. She has authored ten books, and her latest one, “Backstage,” is now available. Many of her accurate successes have been documented through national media such as “Unsolved Mysteries,” “The Psychic Detectives,” and “Coast to Coast AM”. You can purchase her books at Amazon.com or her website, new-visions.com.

Elizabeth Joyce

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