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Your Horoscope for November & December 2020

by Elizabeth Joyce

Aries (3/21-4/20)

As 2020 winds down, you Aries may feel that nothing makes sense. The mix of energies at your door makes it difficult to focus on what your next step should be. With Mercury coming out of retrogrades, and other rare planetary line-ups, it’s best to take one day at a time. As you try to camouflage the deeply disturbing feelings rolling around inside of you, it’s comforting to know that your relationships are the one part of your life that does make sense. December brings in a strong wave of confidence and enthusiasm. Finally, you get to prepare for a change of venue next year. In 2021 life is going to give you lots of opportunities to move forward with your new awareness.

Taurus (4/21-5/21)

It’s not quite smooth sailing as you emerge from the lessons of 2020. It’s much easier to implement the new ideas and new reality to which you are completely committed. You’ll hardly feel the bump in the road that comes with the eclipse at month’s end. Time to assess your financial status. Give yourself the time and space to do this. Can you maintain your status? What’s important to you now? This reflection will be a continuing theme throughout 2021. December brings the feeling that there are not enough hours in the day to get all you have started done. This is just the beginning of finding a deeper satisfaction about who you are. The prospect of changing and embracing your new life make you want to put on the brakes. You know, the feeling that stagnation is good and safe. That just won’t fly in 2021. Embrace change from within, and you will be flying high!

Gemini (5/21-6/20)

Armed with new appreciation for you and your work, you’re ready to tackle anything and move wholeheartedly and confidently into the future. 2020 brought you the awareness that you’re made of pretty strong stuff. You’re also aware that you don’t have the desire or capacity to be tolerant. Accept this and keep your own counsel. Asking yourself why you are so triggered brings valuable insights, releasing lots of resentment and anger. December brings the awareness that the healthiest way to deal with others is to let go of any thoughts that it’s your job to meet the expectations of others. In the midst of realizing that 2020 ended much better for you than it began, you are ready to move on to bigger and better things. You have survived well from one of the most demanding years all of us have ever faced. That is a major victory; Applause, applause!

Cancer (6/21-7/22)

You are definitely in the mood to be combative if anyone even looks like they are getting in your way. The problem is that your patience is running thin. You want what you want when you want it and if you don’t get it, you refuse to deal with the consequences. This is your stance for November, 2020. You don’t even want to stop yourself from being pushy, demanding, and a bit manipulative. There’s nothing wrong with what you desire, but you need to find a kinder, politer way of asking for it. A number of possibilities emerge suddenly at the eclipse on November 30th. You didn’t think anything was coming out of your projects, so take a deep breath and don’t rush anything. Allow for the energy to change in December. In the last month of 2020, start to visualize that which you want to bring into reality. Allow the foundation of you life to leave focusing on money and security and begin to depend on your inner guidance system to bring you joy, happiness and fulfillment.

Leo (7/23-8/22)

Thing feel a bit muddy, murky, and yucky as November opens. It goes away as the fog lifts once you take matters into your own hands. You set about rectifying any sort of confusion that occurred in October. Why can’t things be as nice as they appear to be? Be polite but firm to get the answers you want. Also, be ready for the burst of energy that arrives powerfully and swiftly mid-month. You can take some giant steps to manifest a long-term goal you set for yourself earlier in the year; a good reason to enjoy Thanksgiving, after a most difficult year. In December you feel a big shift coming; one that will end the year with your hard-won optimism intact. What you have created goes from a hope to a certainty. Allow the enthusiasm and trust your heart. That way you can enter the New Year clear minded, while showing the best of who you are!

Virgo (8/23-9/22)

In November you are focused on the plans you made earlier in the year. The only thing you need before you hit the launch button is to review and get comfortable with the steps and financial planning you have outlined. You don’t want to miss a trick! Be sure not to overlook the very exciting opportunity that is brought your way at the November 30th eclipse. As you proceed in putting your plan into motion, seek some outside counsel from someone you trust. What you are planning may be outside your comfort zone and you need some support and you bounce between excitement and overwhelming dread. The solution is to hang on to your clarity. In December, life is busy from sunup to sundown and you are worried that you may run out of gas. Although the year was shy of social engagements, you are on everyone’s list this month. Spend some time with the people who matter to you. The year ends with a level of confidence you didn’t think was possible when it began. Happy New Year Virgo.

Libra (9/23-10/22)

As November opens you are likely to feel a bit overwhelmed as you search to find balance in the middle of a series of unexpected challenges. Individually they are no big deal, but the number and timing of them seems enormous. Take refuge in knowing you can handle them all, no matter how unsettled you feel. In the end, you will emerge victorious and be very proud of yourself. In December, as 2020 comes to a close, you feel as if you’ve climbed Mt. Everest in high heels. It’s been a year where you feel you’ve been stretched beyond your ability to adapt. One where you felt like the foundation of your life might shatter, dissolve, and disappear. However, here you are on New Year’s Eve full 0f optimism and hope, ready not to “just cope” but to flourish and prevail. The gift of 2020 for you was finding what you are truly made of: courage, strength, tenacity, and love.

Scorpio (10/ 23-11/22)

There’s nothing worse than to be all dressed up with no place to go. That’s where you are, Scorpio. As you sit and wait for the tide to turn, mid-month. So you can finally run free, and perhaps just a little bit wild. Just know that all the steps you took in 2020 to put this in place are now there, and it’s “go” time. It’s going to take some sharp awareness not to get caught up in the traumas around you. Just know that you have the stamina, skills, and awareness and energy to handle all situations that are knocking everyone else off balance. In December, all systems are go, and you couldn’t be happier. You are truly grateful for all of the kindness and support you received and you navigated yourself through what you now see was a major crisis. You took a lot for granted and were too engrossed in your process and may not have noticed this gift. The main thing now is to say “thank you”. Accept that there is always going to be something to transform in your life.

Sagittarius (11/23-12/21)

This may not be the best time of year for you because you are still filled with some difficult and painful stuff buried inside of you. You have spent 2020 shining your light into the darkness around you and transforming it. Do you still need to keep looking? Apparently yes. You know that bringing out these “ghosts” will liberate you. There is much to think about and many days when you are unable to focus. Take note of the things that make your mind go blank. It’s a sign that you have no desire to continue or connection to the invitation or project being proposed to you. Weed through them so that when the light turns green mid-month, you are clutter free and ready to give your all to your desires and what you value. In December it’s time to plan a party; a very special party. It’s titled, “I made it through 2020 and made it out alive!” After all, you deserve to celebrate what you accomplished in facing up to challenges to your identity, and whatever it is that makes your life meaningful. At New Years you feel that there isn’t anything you’re not ready to tackle. You sense there is a big change of direction in your life coming, and it’s just around the corner. You can’t see, touch, or feel it yet, but you know it’s there. So — just bring it on!

Capricorn (12/22-1/19

As November opens, your long-term hopes and wishes are on a collision course with immediate demands and complications that you didn’t see coming, Cap. Take a moment to realize that “stuff happens”, and in this case it’s because of someone else dropping the ball. Don’t stop to rescue anyone, but just carry on. As you expand your social network, you are shocked to realize that some of your tried-and-true friendships don’t uplift you anymore. The latter part of the month promises to bring a major step into your future, and you never saw it coming. It wasn’t even in the planning stages and dropped in “out of the blue.” This is definitely a turning point for you; one full of promise and potential, leaving you speechless. December brings a feeling that there is a crowd of people stomping around your brain, stirring up a bunch of uncomfortable and unwanted feelings. Just know that this is a part of your new growing process. Your sensitivity to everything in your life overwhelms you, and you feel like running away and becoming a hermit. 2020 ends with the feeling that you are on the verge of more change; you are not sure of how you feel about that. Remain flexible, as this shift is stepping outside of the tried and true and creating that which you desire. It’s not about pulling the rug out from under you. Press forward and enjoy.

Aquarius (1/20-2/18)

In November, you know that your outer world is humming along, but you sense there’s something wrong and you can’t relax. That’s because there’s a final clean-up going on in the deepest part of your consciousness. Let it all flow, and by mid-month you’ll be feeling clear as a bell. As for your career, the light turns green in several areas where you have irons in the fire. You’re not sure which one to focus on at the moment. You realize that you’d rather work for your interest than for someone else’s. As much as you say you like change, you don’t realize that you aren’t always in love with the growing pains that go along with it. This month helps you to learn to go with the flow while not always picking it apart. You will like the result in the end. December brings a sense of anticipation because you are on the verge of a kind of shift that only happens once in a lifetime. A test comes as someone from the past shows up to push your buttons. The game is “Who’s Fault Is It Anyway?” You don’t have to play; just listen and move on. At New Year’s you wonder, “What’s it like being a leader?” In 2021 you will find out.

Pisces (2/19-3/20)

November is a month of extremes for you, Pisces; ones that you can use to your advantage, allowing you to shift your life in ways that you had never imagined. This is a month when relationships are not a priority. You want to spend your time with those people you feel closest to. This not only nourishes you, but creates joy and fun. There will be days when you feel you’re pedaling as fast as you can and don’t know if you can find another gear. You are satisfied and excited with what you are accomplishing. As long as you find time to sit quietly and listen to your inner guidance, you will find that gear. As December opens you celebrate your emergence from the trials and tribulations of 2020 with a new appreciation of who you are. After shifting so much between 2019 and 2020, you sense that your path is about to shift again in 2021. You know it’s the next step to create that which you have prepared for over many years. You are filled with anticipation and excitement because you are always energized by the unknown. You feel the power of Grace, are in awe of your life as you see your dreams coming true, and you are very grateful for it.

Elizabeth Joyce is a modern day mystic, author, and Master Spiritual Teacher/Healer through the Grace of God. She transmits this pure energy from the Source. Healing has occurred simply by being in her presence, or by voice activation, or vibration. She is a popular, gifted speaker on the unknown mysteries, higher realities, and higher wisdom. She has authored ten books, and her latest one, “Backstage,” is now available. Many of her accurate successes have been documented through national media such as “Unsolved Mysteries,” “The Psychic Detectives,” and “Coast to Coast AM”. You can purchase her books at Amazon.com or her website, new-visions.com.

Elizabeth Joyce

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