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Astrological Forecast for November 2020

by Lou Valentino

November starts off with less light as Daylight Savings starts at 2:00AM November 1st. Set your clock’s back an hr. before you go to bed on October 31st. However, the full Moon on October 31st conjunct Uranus could keep you from falling asleep.

Mercury stations direct on November 3rd election day (12:50PM EST). This can cause a gap in the voting process that either helps or hinders the count at the end of the day.

My feeling is we get a quick win or because of so many votes sent via mail, we may not get a clear answer till Mercury moves out of its shadow on November 19, 2020. I wish everyone best of luck.

Mercury moves back into the sign of Scorpio on November 10th giving those with Sun, Moon or Rising in Scorpio deep thoughts regarding issues that need adjustment in one’s life and great insight into life. An increase in research abilities. This energy runs till December 1st.

Mars will station direct on November 13th. Mars has been triggering the virus pandemic. First it was Mars conjunct Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto in late March, now it has been squaring these same planets September and most of November and lastly will square Pluto in December. What does this all mean?

Mars started retrograde motion on September 9th until it stations direct on November 13th and will not be out of its shadow till January 2, 2021. Mars can metastasize a health issue and that is what we are seeing presently.

Therefore, the predictions from the medical leaders of America are in alignment with my astrological prediction this month. Safety measures during the holidays will be needed and prayerss for those not only going through this pandemic but those who are losing loved one’s.

It is most likely that the vaccine will manifest around the beginning of 2021 and it would take time, obviously, to distribute the vaccine throughout America.

The new Moon on November 15th is the sign of Scorpio at 23 degrees (12:07AM EST). If you are born under the sign of Scorpio or rising/Moon or other planets in Scorpio, you are ready to start a new life.


With 5 lunations total in October and November, this new Moon is the least complex. This makes it easier for Scorpio to move forward as trines and sextiles take center stage in this new Moon chart.

Trines are the wind at your back and sextiles are opportunities. The stellium, three planets or more in conjunction, between Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn are trine to the MC in this new Moon chart. Taking a new approach to your vocational directions and taking advantage of increased opportunities that can transform (Scorpio) your life is signified from these aspects.

Psychic abilities are increased so pay attentions to those gut feelings and act on them. Also, you may need more rest at this time to rejuvenate yourself.

Mars does create some impatience as it squares Pluto and opposes Venus. Watch out for passive/aggressive issues in relationships. Scorpio can be the most jealous sign in the Zodiac. This is an opportunity for relationships to start growing in a new direction and transform old habits into healthy new one’s.

The Sun enters the happy go lucky sign of Sagittarius on November 21st. Happy Birthday to the sign of Sagittarius.

Venus moves into Scorpio on November 21st also. Scorpio attracts more abundance and romance till December 16th. Best of luck if you have Scorpio energies in your chart.

Happy Thanksgiving on November 26th.

Neptune stations direct on November 28th in Pisces. Pisces has been collecting some dust in fantasy land since June 23rd. It’s time to take those rose-colored glasses off and manifest your dreams into reality.

An affirmation for those with Pisces energies in their chart is: “MY DREAMS BECOME A REALITY. I CAN DO IT”.

We end November with a full Moon partial eclipse (penumbral) in Gemini at 8 degrees. This is the last of four partial eclipses this year.

The only aspect is the Sun and Moon opposition and no other planets. This means the Sun and Moon do not feel connected to the rest of the full Moon chart. The focus is for the signs of Gemini and Sagittarius over the next 6 months to gain in knowledge.

Both Gemini and Sagittarius are busy working and finding a balance between what they love to talk about (Gemini) and finding a way to make it all a reality through effort (Sagittarius) from knowledge gained through life’s experiences and education.

Gemini rules short distance traveling, and Sagittarius loves long distance international travel. Since the virus is still alive and well, travel for these two signs over the next 6 months is more through technology such as skype and Zoom. Teachers will continue to be busy online educating students over the next six months also.

We will know who our next President will be by this time and the country is more relaxed and dealing with another wave of the pandemic. This could be the 6-month cycle that heals the pandemic, so we are back to a normal life by the end of May 2021.

We also will see a new stimulus passed in November, if they did not get it passed before election day. Some say it won’t pass for political reasons depending on who wins but, regardless of who wins, the virus will force our federal government to pass a stimulus if they want the present system of economics to survive. They will not have a choice in the matter.

Have a wonderful November filled with prosperity and progress. Be safe. Namaste:

Lou Valentino has been giving astrological consultations for over 25 years in both Western and Vedic astrology. Go to www.yogavisionaries.com for all of his services. Take advantage of his special discounts coming up on black Friday through New Year’s Day 2021. Call 860-574-9467.

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