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The Magical World of Numbers: June - The Love Vibration

by Elizabeth Summers

Hello Venus! This wonderful month of June and the Number Six brings beauty and love for others into our energy fields. The nesting influence of a comfy home and relationships including marriage leads statistics to indicate that more marriages occur in June than any other month of the year.

Whether your Birthday Number is Six, your Life Lesson to improve upon is Six or your current Personal Year energy issue is six…all this information applies to you. In addition, the more one writes or says the Number Six, the more intensity it will bring to our lives.

Although, indeed, ruled by the goddess of love, Venus, Number Six love energy is more like a “mother love” than a sensual experience. Frequently known as the “Cosmic Mother”, Number Six finds its strong love of family leading them to worry unnecessarily about their brood.

This service-oriented person is deeply idealistic, having a great sense of duty for family, children and community projects. This frequently brings a reputation as one being a “pillar of the community”. Volunteering, scouts, little league, safe homes and cut and paste parties are instigated by folks with the loving, sympathetic and compassionate Number Six energy. A fault might be about becoming a slave to all these projects.

Those souls born in the month of June or have this Life Path Number to improve upon frequently marries early before age thirty as they want their own families to care for. However, a possible second reason to do so is to escape from an abusive nuclear family situation and create their own more peaceful nurturing environment for themselves and others. Whatever the reason, there is frequently but not always, an ending to this early emotional venture between the ages of Twenty-Eight and Thirty as every soul moves through its first Saturn Return of looking back onto their previous life experiences and “regroup”!

Caution must be exercised by these “Dear Abby” types as Number Six tends to set down the law as they see it and expect others to follow obediently showing little tolerance for the opinions of others.

To admit that they are wrong or mistaken about a matter is not a strong point. This all stems from one’s unwillingness to allow their views to be changed. The bottom line is that Number Six personalities must not expect everyone to conform to their rules or this domineering attitude will lead to resentment, bad feelings and possible poor judgments.

Number Six has a fear of poverty thus making them very cautious about spending money. When a nest egg is stashed away for a “rainy day” they are more content and generous. Having said that, the Number Six is known as one of the “money Numbers” as the flow will be there in businesses and in one’s life as long as service is the primary motivator.

The Venus influence makes Number Six a lover not a fighter. Not comfortable with disharmony, especially in the home, Number Six personalities can become victims of their own circumstances. As with the Sun sign of Cancer, they “want everybody to be happy!”

Enjoyment can come from the atmosphere created by debate but Number Six folks tend to avoid participation in arguments. If topics are not too deep, then they might participate. Obtaining a good education, cultivating tolerance, compassion and understanding will go a long way to emotionally stabilize this loving magnetic personality.

With the power to make friends more easily than any other Number except Number Five, Number Six proves to be a most loyal friend willing to “fight to the death” for whatever person or cause it espouses. This is especially true if the issues are causing jealousy and discord.

While doing battle, this “knight” should wear an “armor” of lucky colors of blue, pink or rose with pendants of emerald or turquoise near the skin. Hopefully, the jousting will occur on a Tuesday, Thursday or Friday with dates that reduce down to a Three, Six or Nine.

Health issues may arise during a life time as the sense of self-sacrifice, the burdens of too much responsibility, duty and concern for others seem to deplete the energy fields and thus the physical body of anyone influenced by the Number Six. Caution and attention needs to be paid especially the “mother” parts of the human body such as breasts, ovaries, and any reproductive organs.

Illness in these body parts forces the caretaker to care for herself first and not everybody else. Illnesses are always the last resort of the soul to get one’s attention to “wake up” to issues needing attention.

This warm, loving idealist born on the Sixth, Fifteen or Twenty-Fourth of any month must learn to assume responsibility, serve others and counsel freely. At the same time, all must be done efficiently and methodically. Try never to be one who is stubborn, domineering, exacting or unreasonable. This wanting to have your own way and imposing your ideas on others comes from fear and your own ego and not from the wonderful cosmic love you are known for.

To know the Number Six personality energy is to know peace, harmony and beauty. Experiencing this energy gives one that gentle “warm fuzzy” feeling we would get as we nestle into the over-stuffed chair with cookies and milk while being surrounded by candlelight with fragrances of potpourri wafting through the air. The only thing making it better would be watching the Muppets on Sesame Street on TV and just knowing that all is right with the world.

Just as in June, Mother Earth is “busting out all over” may we too do the same with great love and “flowering” about ourselves.

Spiritually guiding clients since 1988, Elizabeth Summers provides practical information by

combining Numerology, Astrology and Tarot interpretations in her personal readings

Website: http://www.elizabethsummers.com

For a private Numerology reading with Elizabeth Summers, please go here to review your choices: http://www.elizabethsummers.com/numerologyreadings.html

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/elizabeth.summers.338

YOUTUBE CHANNEL: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVPYhogOXHzJSXyUQFQuxLw

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