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Excerpt from "We Thought You Would Never Ask"

Chapter I: The Seed is Sown

by B.E. Schlubach

Know that you are not alone

And that the darkness has purpose.

John O’Donohue, To Bless the Space Between Us

The Assignment

The creative spark which ignited the flame for this book was struck in September 2014.

I had been a committed practitioner of kundalini yoga for over a decade, and in the spring of 2014, I graduated from kundalini yoga teacher training, Level I (KYTT). In this yogic tradition, my spiritual name and guiding light in my destiny as a teacher is Sarandayal Kaur[1]. The transformational teacher training course peeled me like an onion, held a mirror up to the peeled spots, and then said “FIX THIS. No cosmetic blemish-concealers permitted.” In the euphoric weeks after graduation, I felt like a rubber glove that had been spiritually pulled inside out, inflated, deflated and reversed.

During the summer months that followed, I continued to attend intensive workshops and classes, eager to continue the healing roll I was on. That September, the revered kundalini yoga master Guru Singh was scheduled to teach at the local yoga studio where I had done my teacher training. This was not to be missed, so I signed up, and attended the Monday night session. After the class, Guru Singh was surrounded by students asking questions. I lingered behind, hoping to greet him and share a personal experience. By some miracle, the crowd cleared away as the students drifted off to get some yogi tea. I approached Guru Singh, thanked him for the class, and then began to tell a brief story which epitomized one of the points he had made about the innocence of children and teenagers, and their openness to spiritual energy. My story involved a recent angel oracle card reading[2] I had done for two teenage girls, their first exposure to angelic energy; and the speechless awe we three had been reduced to when Presence poured through so strongly, that during the session I was physically shaking from the strength of it, and the girls reported that the room was full of light.

Guru Singh was gazing mildly at me, and listening politely, but when I concluded my story, he asked me a few questions: Did I communicate with the angels? Yes, I answered, I write to them. I have ring binders full of writings. I gazed back at him, sensing something was about to happen. In spite of knowing better, having been in and around kundalini yogis, teachers, and yoga studios for years and knowing that one behaves with conscious respect, or one’s projection boomerangs uncomfortably, I was naive enough to think I was merely sharing a relevant anecdote with this powerful master that he might appreciate. What was I thinking? (that was the problem: thinking uses the linear, left-brain, rational mind.) Oh, my.

Guru Singh closed his eyes, appearing to roll them up to the focal point at the crown of his head, breathed deeply for a moment or two, opened his eyes, gazed firmly at me and spoke:

The angels appreciate your communication. You have a great gift.

Your assignment is to write a book about your angel writings.

I was kneeling before him, rapt with attention, and when this downloaded angelic bolt zapped me, I tried to maintain my composure, but I am fairly sure I just gaped. Inside, my ego was going crazy, protesting, denying, rejecting, inventing a million stories about the complete impossibility of executing such a ridiculous assignment (What was I thinking? Say no, Barbara, say no! you can’t do that! Run, Barbara, run. You want me to WHAT?).

One does not decline a Divine Assignment. I was busted.

I gulped, nodded, and verbally choked out “yes,” but more importantly, my gaze locked with Guru Singh’s all- knowing, kindly and imperative eyes; and inside, my soul said YES, visually completing the contract. My soul was tap dancing and singing “We’ve finally been given our marching orders!” but I was too terrified to notice. The pact signed and sealed, it was up to me to deliver now. Guru Singh motioned to Tom, one of the co-owners of the yoga studio, and he came over. He gestured to me, “Parmatma, she is going to write a book about angels. Keep an eye on her.”

I thanked Guru Singh, made a namaste obeisance, rose and walked away, stunned and mentally spluttering. What had I just agreed to? How could I possibly? My writings to the angels were intensely, excruciatingly private. How the…? Yet, there was no going back, no refusing the task.

A line from The Lord of the Rings reverberated in my head:

“Never meddle in the affairs of wizards, for they are subtle…”

Together with the classic Laurel and Hardy line,

“This is a fine mess you’ve gotten us into, Stan.”

Barbara E. Schlubach was born in New York City in 1960. Her education and varied careers have included professional horticulture, fine arts and non-profit administration. She has been a seeker and student of spiritual practices – especially yoga – for over twenty years. Her healing path included becoming a KRI certified, Level I kundalini yoga instructor. Her lifelong love of reading literature, correspondence, and journal writing, fused with her spiritual searches and cultivation of silent, peaceful environments, led to her ability to transcribe unseen guidance in written form. Currently her primary contact is with angelic energies. Barbara lives and works in coastal Rhode Island, where she enjoys gardening, tai chi, teaching and practicing yoga, and time spent in nature.

You may purchase this book at Amazon.com, or at www.rqmpress.com. Please also follow the author on Instagram (rqmpress), or enjoy her blogs and poetry on Linktree: https://linktr.ee/rqmpress

[1] Defined in Introduction

[2] Healing with The Angels Oracle Cards, by Doreen Virtue

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