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Your Horoscope for November & December 2021

by Elizabeth Joyce

Aries (3/21-4/20)

Curiosity is your theme for November, Aries. Your focus is from the 8th House of depth, investigation, probing, uncovering truth, regeneration, and disposal. You also want to poke around and ask questions about financial matters, joint holdings, debt, insurance and benefits. New information puts you in a problem-solving mood. Your professional prospects could lead you into a new position, a raise, along with more responsibility. December brings a time to vacation and visit some far-off places. Your social calendar is hopping, and people could visit you form far away over the Holidays. Watch your spending as you could

Taurus (4/21-5/21)

As November opens, you can feel the positive difference in the air from day one. Anticipation abounds as you plan for the coming Holiday season. You plan to complete tying up loose ends professionally. There are still a few roadblocks ahead, so be prepared for surprise announcements, unplanned travel, and unexpected expenses. Naysayers rear their stubborn heads in both personal and business affairs. Look for a breakthrough and relief at month’s end. In December, wrapping up pending details free up time to finalize Holiday plans and schedule special events. New Years opens the door to successful accomplishment of desired goals in 2022.

Gemini (5/21-6/20)

Clear your space of unfinished tasks over the next two weeks so you can thoroughly enjoy the Holiday preparation time.You know so many people. Why not invite someone over to your Thanksgiving dinner that may be alone or recovering from an illness, who could use a friendly uplift? Mid-month you’ll learn of a change in management along with exciting ideas and additional funding to support the projects. Romantic exchanges reach stressful levels after the Nov. 19th eclipse when challenges arise over disclosure of facts. December brings a Lunar Eclipse on the 4th, bringing a breath of fresh air with partnerships and encourages heartfelt discussion about mutual goals. Make a list of all the gifts you need, especially jewelry, before Venus retrogrades on the 19th. Watch your spending at Holiday time. As New Year’s Day begins, you could catch someone in an out and out fib!

Cancer (6/21-7/22)

November brings you the possibility of over=-commitment because as the month opens, you are showered with abundant energy and excitement. You plan to finish major tasks and get a jump on your Holiday plans. You’d like some time off at the end of December, yet you feel guilty about unfinished projects. Caution; do not stress your health by behaving like a workaholic. Coordinate with team members and colleagues for vacation time and ask for some help along the way. On Black Friday, curb your spending on over-priced items. December brings a time to plan your time with strategy. Handle the most pressing tasks, and schedule enjoyable events with those you cherish. Take time for adventure with partners and family. Visit public places and enjoy Holiday gatherings. You may learn of a promotion coming to you as the New Year opens.

Leo (7/23-8/22)

November centers around the home front, Leo. He emphasis is on family gatherings, visits, and phone calls. The focus is partly on the community and campaigns to address any food shortages. Consider volunteering at a food kitchen or bringing food to a shelter. Spread cheer to friends, coworkers, along with devotion to family. Watch your financial transactions if shopping on-line. Testy circumstances could prevent completion of plans around the Full Moon Eclipse on the 19th. Competitiveness or jealousy surfaces in the home. Try to keep the peace. In December you seem to generate enthusiasm wherever you go. Several days this month focus on meaningful connections. Romance is bright and shining and several social invitations are on the calendar. You could win the lottery, get a nice and needed bonus before the Holiday, or your accountant tells you that you own less taxes this year just after New Years,

Virgo (8/23-9/22)

November invites you to hit the ground running with ideas and passion for manifesting future plans. Children, friends, family, and romantic partners are the center of your world as the Holiday Season opens. Relatives at a distance finalize plans for a visit at Thanksgiving. It’s a good time for shopping for what new hybrid vehicle you’ve had your eye on. You and your partner are determined to get the most for your money, as you shop around. There can be some energy for the blues as the Lunar Eclipse approaches on the 19th. Do what you can to keep you and yours in an uplifting mood. December brings a time to host others and entertain with dinners and parties. Give thanks for job advancements, bonuses, and financial windfalls that have just come your way. Financial progress for you and your partner are optimistic as 2022 opens.

Libra (9/23-10/22)

November brings you some extra cash in the form of a raise, bonus, or an unexpected gift from a relative. However this month also has it’s drama with the Scorpio Full Moon on the 4th and a Taurus Lunar Eclipse on the 19th. Spend what’s in your budget and don’t go overboard. You’ve worked hard all year to pay off debt. You’re whistling and smiling as you secretly work to plan a surprise trip for everyone. Enjoy the Thanksgiving bonding time and do what you can to spread cheer. December calls for harmony and cooperation on all fronts. A sense of goodwill settles into your landscape making you aware of the importance of thoughtful communication and the power of your words. There could be emotional upheaval mid-month with your partner. By the weekend one of you is feeling ill and may need an appointment with a physician. Postpone any legal activity until early in 2022. At New Years let your neighbors and family know that you cherish them in your life.

Scorpio (10/ 23-11/22)

November is the perfect month to take stock of your successes this year and plan ahead for your goals in 2022. If you’re planning on changing jobs or retiring, that is a good strategy; along with if you’re planning to sell your home and move. Planning with family members runs smoothly and set a tone for planning warmhearted Holiday family events. Neighbors visit and extend invitations. Warmth and love with your partner melts any iciness that has developed over the past few months. December brings the desire to finish your Holiday shopping early to get the best value. You are sold on fun and entertainment as you bring the family together to enjoy an event. You will capture the feelings of the Season’s Holiday cheer as you host a dinner party. Keep cool on New Year’s Eve when you may have to cancel a winter trip due to weather or someone’s illness.

Sagittarius (11/23-12/21)

As November opens, you could use a few meditation days to work with some lingering anger issues. Take the time before the Holiday Season opens, so you don’t spoiled some precious time with family and friends. Your money stash looks good, and expenses are falling into a routine that you can count on and plan with. Purchases for decorating fall into place. Be sure to set aside a fixed amount for Holiday spending. If you have a doctor appointment schedule, some medical tests may be in order. Enjoy the fact that your significant other is supportive when some changes to your health care are necessary. December begins a new cycle and an exciting six months await you. You have much to celebrate as career accomplishments bring you some national recognition along with material rewards. The time you took over this year to improve your level of communication and understanding and reaching out to others has deepened your regard for humanity. Happy New Year Sag.

Capricorn (12/22-1/19

What are you expecting this Holiday Season as November opens, Capricorn? Do you plan to play host and display your flair for table setting and decorations? Perhaps you will invite the guests to share something they are thankful for as they present you with their wish list for cherished gifts. Single Capricorns have the potential to meet someone special over the Thanksgiving weekend. Recognition at work pay off as tat Holiday bonus comes your way. December reminds you that opportunities that you had over 2021 increased your financial level opening doors that were previously closed to you. Affiliations with charity organizations have your attention as well. If traveling, keep your eye on your luggage at the airport. Getting away at New Years may be delayed because you may be fighting a lingering ailment and need a few days to heal.

Aquarius (1/20-2/18)

November brings joy when you realize that a special individual’s commitment is real and solid and you can rely on their word. People at a distance play an important role in your life now. Interaction with work colleagues escalates when travel, conference calls, and distant learning increases. Enjoy letters of commendation, awards, and extra cash that flows into your bank account. You may host a small group at the Thanksgiving Holiday and enjoy the shopping sprees with friends and loved ones on the weekend. As December opens with a Solar Eclipse you focus on your accomplishments in 2021 and your goals for 2022. You work hard to finish up all your obligations at work the first half of the ment so that you can party and share with your loved ones over the Holiday. Make sure your gifts are in one piece and intact, especially jewelry, before you wrap them.

Pisces (2/19-3/20)

November and the beginning of the Holiday Season strikes a loving chord with your soul, leading you to begin to manifest your destiny in this new cycle you have just entered. Gratitude fills you as you spend the month thinking of loved ones, planning Holiday get-togethers and shopping for special gifts. Watch your spending for gifts very carefully. People travel to you to share in the Thanksgiving feast. You review your inner self and vow to be kind and get along with others who have different ideas than you. Avoid any arguments at month’s end, especially if it begins in your home. In December, the Solar Eclipse’s energy on the 4th, resonates for the next six months. This signals a welcome change in your career, outlook, and the outcome of your goals. Plan a get-away trip right after New Years to ring in 2022 with friends in a distant location.

Elizabeth Joyce is a modern day mystic, author, and Master Spiritual Teacher/Healer through the Grace of God. She transmits this pure energy from the Source. Healing has occurred simply by being in her presence, or by voice activation, or vibration. She is a popular, gifted speaker on the unknown mysteries, higher realities, and higher wisdom. Many of her accurate successes have been documented through national media. Website: new-visions.com. 24 hr. Answering Service – 201-934-8986 Listen to Elizabeth Joyce Sunday evenings, 10:00 PM Eastern and 9:00 PM Central at Station 1, on www.BBSRadio.com/letsfindout.

Elizabeth Joyce

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