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Excerpt from "Love, God and Everything"

From Chapter 5. The Role of Epigenetics in Conscious Evolution: Healing the Wounds of the World

by Nicolya Christi

“Epigenetics has shaken the foundations of biology and medicine to their core because it reveals that we are not victims but masters of our genes.” --BRUCE LIPTON

Epigenetics is not solely about the influence and presence of historical, psychological, emotional, mental, and physical wounding, at a personal, ancestral, and karmic level. It also includes the joy and happiness experienced by our ancestors, which is of equal influence in terms of the degree to which we can feel these in our day-to-day lives.

In Greek ‘Epi’ means ‘besides’, so ‘epigenetics’ equates to something other than and beyond genetics. Studies have revealed that epigenetics are influenced by the places in which we live, the weather of the country in which we were born (even if we are no longer there), the climate of our present location, the stories of our lives, our immediate environment, as well as the experiences and environments of our ancestors. . . .

Research into the field of epigenetics is unfolding at an extraordinary rate and bringing a whole new level of understanding to the theory that our lives and our characters are not set in stone by a pre-determined genetic blueprint. Advances in the field of epigenetic research are proving that we have the potential to entirely transcend our historical pasts by reprogramming our genes. For decades, scientists have understood that genetic determinism (the concept that all human behavior is determined by genes) is a flawed theory. Science continues to study the epigenetics of biological systems and how these are influenced by events that operate outside of the DNA. It is now understood that the experiences of our ancestors are carried from generation to generation via the epigenetic system.

The Epigenetics of Love and Fear

So, what is the role of epigenetics in the context of the healing of humanity’s inherited collective historical wound and shadow? The petri dish experiment conducted by Lipton, cited earlier, revealed that when the chemicals associated with love were added to cells in a neutral culture medium, the result was an exuberant multiplication of cells. If we imagine the collective human shadow as a culture medium of fear, and ourselves as trillions of stem cells grown with love, then if enough of us infused that culture medium might we be able to totally transform it? Could such an experiment reveal a way to heal the shadow wound of the collective? Once again, we are left contemplating the important question, which is more powerful fear or love? Throughout time, the greatest philosophers, mystics, and seers and the most enlightened of ancient civilizations have all shared the same fundamental message: that love is the stronger of the two. Lipton’s experiment is practical proof of this.

Healing Our Ancestral Wounds

The following sets out two prime examples of how changing our thoughts changes our world and the role epigenetics can play in this.

Recently, a friend had been advised by a medium to take the Australian bush remedy Baobab for the purpose of releasing the burden of health patterns she was carrying through her female ancestral line. It was suggested that doing so would also help her elderly mother who appeared to be hovering between two worlds. She was advised that this would support them both to become free of an inherited ancestral story. Just days after the friend began to take the remedy, her mother called to say that two of her teeth had fallen out. There was no pain and no dental treatment required. From a psychological-anatomical perspective, teeth represent our ancestry.

Coincidentally, later that day someone else shared with me that she was intending to launch a public campaign to raise funds for a costly yet critical treatment she needed for a life-threatening condition. She voiced her anticipation at the prospect of becoming “visible on such a scale.” Many years earlier she had undergone a powerful past-life recollection in which she had seen herself as a “leader within a small community.” She had called a secret meeting to issue a warning that would save their lives. However, opposing forces stormed the gathering and all present were killed. She explained that she felt as if she had carried the burden of that memory all of her life. As a result, she had mastered the art of remaining invisible within a large group of people.

The campaign she was to launch was no doubt a part of her healing because it meant she would become widely seen. She believed she had taken on the emotions of those who had trusted her. The group, she imagined, must have felt anger, betrayal, fear, and confusion at the time. She did launch her campaign and within a few short weeks she had experienced what her doctors described as a “miracle cure.” Could it be that by allowing herself to be so publicly visible she affected her own miracle healing?

Scientific experiments prove again and again that our thoughts and emotional state as well as those of other people can influence our epigenetics. It is possible that those we have shared previous lives with can impact our thoughts and behavior. The more we realize that time is cyclical, not linear, and the more we comprehend that the past, present, and future exist in the now, the more we are able to heal and clear trauma stories held within our cells. A healed cell is a healthy cell, and a healthy cell is a happy cell vibrating in love. Understanding the role of epigenetics in the context of conscious evolution is the key to clearing and healing cellular memory and the historical stories held at that level.

Transcending the Old Templates and Programs of the Old Paradigm

For millennia, the collective consciousness has been at the mercy of governing forces that manipulate the messages we receive about life and the world that we live in. As such, the general global population has become mere cogs in a machine that is driven by powers with a vested interest in keeping us physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually enslaved. As a result, generation upon generation have lost their true identities, forgotten their true selves, and, instead, become a misrepresentation, distortion and misinterpretation of the truth of who they really are.

Throughout history, again and again, the brave and the good have sought to free themselves from the agendas of the power-over ruling elite, yet all too often with devastating consequences. In our present day we find that the same templates and programs are still conditioning us to conform to a dysfunctional system. Our thoughts directly inform our cells, which then influence our emotions and minds and therefore our overall experience of life.

And, we are wise to remember that there is no “us versus them” in actuality because:
In the Shadow and Light of LOVE there is no separation …
No “Us” versus “Them”.
There can, however, be “forgetfulness” …
Shadow having forgotten its true origin - LIGHT
And, there is always the enduring Promise of “Remembrance”
Where Shadow can recall that it too is LOVE …
At which point it may surrender and dissolve …
Into and unto LOVE. For this is the fundamental TRUTH of all Truths … Throughout all TIME Shadow or Light …
You Are
WE Are

Nicolya Christi is an author, writer, and visionary. She lives near Rennes-le-Chateau in southern France. www.nicolyachristi.love

Love, God, and Everything by Nicolya Christi © 2021 Bear & Company. Printed with permission from the publisher Inner Traditions International. www.InnerTraditions.com

Availability: Usually ships within 1-2 business days. Price: $20.00. To purchase this book visit B&N.com, Amazon.com, InnerTraditions.com, or your local bookstore

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