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You Can't See Them

by Harlyene Goss

You can’t see them. They are subatomic, has no mass, does not alter the chemical composition, work on the quantum level and move faster than the speed of light. This quantum healing technology works inter-dimensionally and compliments other healing modalities. It’s goal is to balance and re-harmonize subtle body energy fields. What is it?

It is Tachyon.

The origin of Tachyons lies beyond our space time dimension. It is a technological process that infuses physical matter with an increased quantity of Tachyons which permanently changes the atomic nuclei quantum properties. Tachyon energy was proven by MIT physicist, Dr. Gerald Feinberg, in 1966. He is the one who named this particle, Tachyon. Derived from the Greek word ‘tachys’ which means very fast.

Tachyons are transmitters of information and impulses (stimuli), which reset the original/spiritual information in living matter. They hold the blueprint for everything that exists, from the most subtle to the densest levels. During the process of creation, the formless zero-point energy is condensed into superluminal tachyons. Tachyons qualitatively contain everything that is included in zero-point energy. It is the interface between the Uncreated and any manifestation of the created. All that has been created has been structured, coded and manifested in its original form in a perfect way through Tachyons.

Tachyons decrease entropy (that tendency toward disorder or decay), they build, balance, harmonize in a holistic sense, creating order out of chaos, and energizing the energy matrix that is within the origin of our emotional, mental, etheric and physical bodies. Tachyons, by their very nature, can therefore be used for therapeutic purposes, serve as a source of energy, and be used for the transmission of information.

Our body is a complex energetic structure which is actually made of several “bodies” that vibrate at different levels/dimensions of the universe. To naturally maintain health and harmony, life energies flow freely through the subtle and physical bodies. However, if parts of our subtle system are blocked for whatever reason, these energies or information from Source cannot penetrate and flow through the various levels of our complex being, our physical body.

Many holistic energy healing methods use the knowledge of the subtle bodies. The difficulty in healing is that most of them work on a specific range of frequencies. In addition to the modality used, the amplitude also depends on the frequency on the general, holistic state of the practitioner.

Tachyons are part of the high frequencies cosmic rays and do not have any of the above restrictions as they include all frequencies. Reaching us depths of the universe, tachyons carry pure, original information and are able to provide our subtle and physical bodies, all the restructuring information that our complex body needs.

The best way to experience the healing Tachyon is to have sessions in a Tachyon Chamber. Tachyon Chambers provide very high amounts of Tachyon saturation within the chambers. The primary source of Tachyons is the Galactic Central Sun, at the center of our galaxy. A permanent portal is created where the Tachyon streams from the 12th Dimension through the pyramid and crystal generators into the core of Mother Gaia (earth) through a permanent portal.

A huge energetic field is created where physical walls are not necessary. A field of Tachyon does not need borders. It creates its own 'Chamber' around a saturated portal opening following the lines of the pyramid. The 'walls' of Tachyon are etheric but very real when concentrated into a specific area through the pyramid. However, most chambers are in a room of their own.

Every chamber is different. Each Chamber Guardian (initiator of Tachyon Chambers) comes from a different 'Spiritual Team of Mentors from various dimensions throughout the Universe. Each receives his/her own instruction from their Mentors as to how to "Create" this field. Since there are many possibilities of how a Chamber may be initiated, there will be slight differences in the looks and functioning of a Chamber.

Tachyon has different effects on different people. It is very individualized. For most people, there are no side effects whatsoever except a wonderful sense of well-being. Whereas others may experience a mild detoxification within the body and or emotions. Remember... it is your imbalances the Tachyon is readjusting into a positive, harmonic field.

There are many benefits on the spiritual and physical bodies.

Spiritual benefits:

© Tachyon profoundly promotes spiritual development and sometimes has quickly opened up spiritual channels (3rd Eye).

© Tachyon heightens spiritual and psychic awareness and helps to gently access all emotional memory blocks for mental and emotional release.

© Tachyon deepens the meditation experience profoundly.

© Tachyon assists in developing greater visual and audio abilities psychically.

© Tachyon assists in out of body experiences, in a positive, pleasant manner.

© The Tachyon consciousness works in perfect alignment with your own particular mission and accelerates your ability to align with your purpose here on earth.

Physical benefits:

© Tachyon restores chakra and meridians to a "Healthy Zero Point".?

© Tachyon accelerates the body's natural capacity to heal from illness or disease.

© ?Many have reported an increase their physical and mental stamina.

© Tachyon profoundly affects the DNA by regenerating and activating the higher DNA strands that are currently coming online in ascending humans.

© Tachyon promotes pain relief.

© Tachyon assists the body in mild but needed detoxification.

Since Tachyon’s ‘job’ is to balance and harmonize, it also does this for frequencies outside the body. Tachyon literally renders harmful Electro Magnetic Fields (EMF's) harmless by the harmonization of the frequencies which are generated by such items as: Microwave Ovens, WiFi Routers, Cell Phones, Hair Dryers, High Tension Electric Transmission Lines, Computer Screens, Laptops, iPads, TV's, Smart Meters... and many other electronic devices around your home and workplace.

Tachyon is for anyone who wants to feel more energized and grounded. For those who want to enhance their healing by balancing the work that has been done, filling the space opened with positive balanced energy.

Harlyene Goss is the founder of Dancing Heart Healing, home of the only Tachyon Chamber in Northern New England. In March of 2021, Harlyene was told by her guides she needed to buy land to bring a Tachyon Chamber into Northern New England. She had studied Tachyon energy the previous year but had not yet experienced it. Once she did, she knew she had to follow through. In less than 6 months, she was guided to the perfect property. In July 2022, Harlyene opened the Tachyon Chamber, located in Wakefield, NH to the public.

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