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Astrological Forecast for May 2023

May 29th, Memorial Day reminds us that the warmer temperatures are about to manifest, and the beaches will soon open. Vitamin D3 gets turned on for everyone including animals, trees, and birds.

May 1st, Pluto stations retrograde in Aquarius at (1:09PM EDT). Pluto entered Aquarius on March 23rd and we have seen governments all around the world trying to force limitations on their people. Pluto will retrograde back into Capricorn on

This has sparked peaceful protests in several countries. Aquarius wants personal freedom and doesn’t enjoy being told by any government or organization that their freedoms are being taken away from them.

Pluto will move retrograde in Aquarius till June 11th, 2023. Then it’s back to the traditional sign of Capricorn till January 21, 2024.

Pluto will move back into Aquarius on January 21, 2024, till September 2, 2024, and re-enter Aquarius on November 20, 2024, for a twenty year period and end its stay in Capricorn.

Obviously, this is a tug of war between individual empowerment and government empowerment. Just in time for the 2024 presidential election in America. Yikes….

If you have the Sun, Moon, rising or planets at zero degree of Aquarius or at the tail end of Capricorn, you are making some changes in your life that may not be in line with traditional thinking. That song by David Bowie comes to mind “Changes”. Ch-ch-ch-changes, turn and face the strange.

The full Moon lunar eclipse is in Scorpio at 14 degrees on May 5th (1:34PM EDT). Mercury is in deep retrograde motion in Taurus and Taurus is the opposite sign of Scorpio. This creates opposition on this full Moon eclipse day.

Financial instability is in the air again. Gas prices are going up and tensions from inflation have taken a toll on every family’s budget. With two Yod’s (Finger of God), that we had seen in the last full Moon in April, causes violence in all forms from mother nature and humans.

The combination of Yod’s gives the sign of Gemini, Leo, Aquarius, and Pisces a roller coaster ride of events that runs deeper than what life normally allows for any human to adjust too. This is a time to let go and let God as trying to make sense within the chaos that Yod’s produce is useless. Put attention on mediation and prayer.

Add in the conjunctions to the Sun in Taurus from Uranus on one side and Mercury retrograde on the other side, and we have oppositions to the full Moon lunar eclipse in Scorpio that spells financial troubles for the fixed signs especially Taurus and Scorpio.

It forces these signs to look more deeply into financial habits that do not allow balance.

The physical world as we know it is turning upside down and inside out. Family summer vacations will be more local to cut vacation expenses as tensions rise in the economy and violence from mother nature and humans continues.

From May 5th till the new Moon on May 19th, financial problems for the fixed signs of Taurus, Scorpio, Leo, and Aquarius can be trying to say the least and violence needs to be calmed down with holistic healthcare practices if we want our children, family, and friends to be safe.

Eclipse energies can last up to 6 months, so these signs need to pull in the reins of any financial expenses that are not needed, and America needs to calm its expenses down. The debt ceiling needs to be raised and the war in Ukraine needs help from other countries to end.

This full Moon eclipse in Scorpio is a sign of nuclear explosions. From May 5th to May 19th, we could see serious troubles with the Russian/Ukrainian war or some serious situations with N. Korea/China in its relationship to America and Taiwan that extends for the next six months.

Mercury stationed retrograde on April 21st at 15 degrees of Taurus and stations direct on May 14th at 5 degrees, just in time for Mother Day. Happy Mother’s Day to all our wonderful Mothers.

Feelings will be hard to express to our mothers as Mercury will not station direct till 11:17PM at the end of the day. Expressed feelings via a card and flowers requires no verbal communication so this will be a time of card and gift giving and withholding any feelings that might hurt her.

Jupiter, the planet of good fortune and expansion, will move into the money sign of Taurus on May 16th and this will be so welcomed by those who have Sun, Moon, rising or planets in Taurus or Scorpio.

Jupiter has been in Aries since May of 2022 giving those with Aries energy that extra luck in all areas of their life. Jupiter will be in Taurus from May 16th, 2023, till May 26, 2024.

This helps the financial lives of the fixed signs. With all that was mentioned about the full Moon lunar eclipse in Scorpio, Yod’s and conjunctions from Uranus and Mercury retrograde in Taurus earlier in this article, we have a breath of fresh air as Jupiter is the angel that can protect the fixed signs from financial burdens. This is good news.

If you have Sun, Moon, rising or planets in Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, or Aquarius, don’t let the first half of this month throw you off balance and give up. Stay focused and positive and Jupiter in Taurus can make the second half of May more financially balanced. Don’t give up.

The new Moon in Taurus on May 19th is at 28 degrees (11:53AM) EDT. This starts a whole new energy direction regarding financial stability for the sign of Taurus and the other fixed signs mentioned earlier.

This new Moon chart is much more relaxed compared to the full Moon eclipse chart in Scorpio. This shows that the second half of May is a breath of fresh air as the first half of May is very intense for the fixed signs and tensions in America.

Start a new life, new Moon, that offers more financial opportunities with less stress.

The Sun moves into the sign of Gemini on May 21st. Happy birthday to those born under the sign of Gemini.

Memorial Day on May 29th officially starts the summer of 2023 off as beaches open in New England and the East Coast. Perfect time for families to gather near the water and get away from all the stress in life.

Don’t worry so much about the Sun, it is our friend and brings life not death to all of us including the trees, birds and animals on land and water.

Mercury will be out of its retrograde shadow on May 31st ending May on a positive note. Communications will be clearer for the sign of Taurus and what seemed to be chaos in the first half of May ends with a note of inspiration and hope.

A female cardinal shows up outside my apartment window. Giving us a message for the month of May. What is the symbolism of the female cardinal.

” The Symbolism of Female Cardinals Though more subdued in color, female cardinals are symbols of nurturing and compassion. They play a vital role in balance and harmony within the cardinal family. Their presence teaches us the importance of understanding, empathy, and support in our relationships with ourselves and others”.

My kindle book, “Full Moon Messages from the Pleiadians” is available on Amazon for $9.99. Put the tile mentioned in the subject field and it should pop up. I have also put some information on the new economy from the kindle book on my website.

Blessings to everyone:

Lou Valentino has been giving astrological consultations for over 30 years in both Western and Vedic. Call Lou 860-440-8610 to set up an appointment. Visit his website www.yogavisionaries.com for more information on his services.

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