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Uranus: Sudden, Unexpected Revolutionary Transformation

by Ann Cortese, BS, MPS

Uranus: Sudden,Uunexpected Revolutionary Transformation

Is it Friend or Foe? Read the article and decide!

Suddenly, in the flash of a moment, your life is turned upside down! What happened you ask? Life as you have known it and lived it is gone; changed, transformed forever. How can this be? What has caused this sudden unexpected turn of events?

When we look to the Astrological Chart we can see what houses are being effected by transiting planets and we find Uranus is transiting in or charts in the area of our transformed life.

We look further to the aspects it is making to the other planets and we can see how not only has brought about unexpected life changes in your life’s circumstances but YOU have changed as well. Your friends are looking at your behavior and are saying that you have become rebellious!

Uranus was discovered in 1781 by William Herschel while he was conducting a telescopic survey of the heavens. To date, some books and periodicals still refer to Uranus as Herschel. This was the beginning of the machine age. Uranus rules machinery, particularly advanced machinery such as computers. Uranus also rules electricity and electronics among other things.

The glyph that is used to denote Uranus resembles an H with a line running through its center with the addition of a small circle on the bottom. The Spiritual meaning of the Glyph represents the cross of materialism (the line down the center of the H) supported by spirit (the circle at the bottom of the line running down the center of the H).

Uranus is referred to as the “rebel of the Zodiac”, it is both dreaded and feared while on the other hand it is welcomed with open arms depending on where it is placed in your Natal chart and what house it is transiting, and what stage of development you are at in your life.

Transiting Uranus brings with it a cry for freedom and change even though the changes may be difficult. Uranus transits to any given area in your Natal Chart can

last up to several years and the changes it brings can be quite dramatic and yet it is almost next to impossible to predict what the changes will be.

It also depends on what other planets are being affected by any aspects Uranus may be making to them.

The function of Uranus is a metamorphic awakening of the individual through a psychological breakthrough, an unexpected event or departure from old forms. It represents a fully conscious shock, thus giving the individual the ability to break through to new levels or realms of understanding or consciousness quite suddenly.

Uranus rules Aquarius on the exoteric level and on the esoteric or soul level it rules Libra. One of the gifts that may be obtained from this highly eccentric planet is the gift of “loving detachment” in dealing with all of life’s issues and problems.

The gift of loving detachment allows for one to look inside the individual through the use of heightened intuition: to see past the body or physical form and to actually “see” the being that lives inside of the human form: to capture the soul essence of that individual.

We must remember that Uranus is the higher Octave of Mercury and it rules the higher mind or the Christ Principle, and that mind quality is connected with Gemini since Mercury rules Gemini.

Uranus is a powerful lighting like planet in its delivery of the energy it emanates. In order to function positively through Uranus in your chart you have to fully conquer the qualities of all the other planets. If you think in terms of Uranus being the higher self or the Christ Principle, we can readily see that in order to live at that level, all other attributes of personality and character traits must be transmuted to the highest spiritual level. Therefore one must go through and conquer all experiences of the other planets in order to function through Uranus on a Spiritual level.

For example the individual would have to overcome:

The practical mental quality of Mercury

The business ability of Venus

The courage of Mars

The dignity of Jupiter

The patience and wisdom of Saturn....A tall order for anyone…….however,

Once you have overcome all these challenges you then have what is known as

“Divine Wisdom.” Uranus can be the catalyst that can free us from self imposed restrictions; many of which have been become a very crystallized part of our behavior patterns learned in childhood.

Again as an example: Let’s take a look at the patience and the wisdom of Saturn.

Having patience with someone means you are putting up with their feelings, their inabilities, their weaknesses. However “putting up with” is not acceptance.

On a Divine level you accept them regardless of what of the conditions are. Wisdom means knowledge and understanding by virtue of detaching from the situation at hand while still embracing and incorporating the person or situation in its totality.

Mercury shows intelligence and Uranus shows the ability to utilize an extraordinary level of intelligence.

People with a strong, well placed Uranus are highly individualistic. They require total freedom and often remain unmarried. Those with a strong, ill placed Uranus can be fanatical in their causes and eccentric in their behavior.

So we can say Uranus is the planet of freedom, independence, originality and erratic conditions. It represents our individuality, selfhood and self expansion, unconventionality and the ability to stand alone rather than follow the herd, the ability to walk to the tune of our own drummer. Uranus’ energy intrudes and disrupts. Its cycles bring about sudden and unpredictable events. Changes occur in our lives whether we want them or not. These cycles bring us to a cross roads that represent a significant departure from the rest of our lives. Uranus’ cycles force us to break free. At the very least Uranus’ cycles make us contemplate the meaning of freedom.

We become truly free when we give ourselves permission to be ourselves and this involves a process of self discovery.

With the discontent that Uranus can stir up it can affect out physical bodies in the way of heightened nervousness: somewhat like being plugged into an electrical socket.

We crave excitement, wanting to do whatever we have not done before and we usually will ask the question “what if I did this, so what?’ It also depends on what other planets are being affected by any aspects Uranus may be making to them.” We become recklessly daring because we want to experience the unknown.

Marriages, Significant Other partnerships can not only suffer under Uranus cycles if the 7th house is affected, but one of the partners may decide they want out forcing the remaining partner to deal with their own selfhood. Jobs that were once held as a place of security may get chaotic. You reach a cross road in your life where you recognize that you have been untrue to yourself thus also being untrue to others and not likening yourself for it and…… we then realize with great clarity, that change must occur.

This can bring on a dilemma that seems almost unbearable, because in order to allow the changes to occur, choices must be made; and there are no guarantees that the choices one makes at this crucial time of life will bring positive results. Uranus will provide the courage to make the changes. If the changes are not consciously made the Universe will step in and bring about the needed changes with the speed and force of a lightening rod.

The key here is to recognize the changes that need to be made and exercise caution in making those changes. We all know of the old adage “haste makes waste” and this holds true for Uranus changes.

It is a time when we would do well to question the situations we have been putting up with that are no longer working for us or that we no longer want or need. Situations that were once tolerable no longer now become repressive. Uranus provides a break through of awareness that brings forth new revelations about ourselves, the people we interact with and the world around us.

We begin to experience new sensations of “truth” about the world in which we live: and that world includes relationships with family members, friends, groups we may be involved in, and our work environment. Most important of all these new sensations reveal the degree of untruthfulness that we have been living within ourselves. It brings to the forefront the cost of that untruthfulness to ourselves…….and it says loud and clear, without any doubt… “Things have to change.”

Uranus can bring willful change, illusions of grandeur, which end up in heartache and disappointment. With a Uranus transit to any area of your Natal Chart what needs to be done is to first identify the pressing changes for freedom in that area and then rather than reacting impulsively and willfully take a hard look at what changes can be made in you with regard to your behavior in that area.

Ask yourself are you acting more intolerantly than normal, are you creating upheaval to get your own way. Can you express yourself without isolating yourself from others and creating conflict? Explore avenues for change that may be helpful. (counseling, medical advice, change of residence etc.) Explore all the possibilities that are known to you before making the changes.

But know that if an area of your life is holding you back from spiritual growth and personal growth and you are not making the necessary changes to achieve that growth, Uranus will come in and “like a bolt of lightening” will change that which needs to be changed for you to move on in your spiritual and personal growth.

Uranus’ aspects need the liberty of the moment, the freedom to break free from what ever we feel is holding us back, not allowing us to be who we truly are. Many times, the restrictions we are feeling are self imposed and it is our own untruthfulness in our relationships, our work, in our interaction with friends, family and colleagues that cause the restlessness and the need to break free.

We also have to take a look at just what the restrictions are that we are feeling.

We need to discern whether or not these feelings of restrictions are coming from our own attitude. Uranus cycles bring about a willfulness that may not exist at any other time. At the most dramatic this willfulness can lead to a complete disregard for the wishes of others. despite what our normal relationships with the people involved may be like.

Many times this will occur in a situation where a person has been putting up with a loveless marriage, an abusive relationship, an unbearable work situation or it could even be an intangible situation such as security needs or fear of the future, and did not have the strength to change the situation…..And then Uranus comes along…..and suddenly the person says…

“Life is to short, I don’t want to live this way any longer.” So they break out, break free and thus the cry for freedom is released.

Uranus through the Houses of the Natal Chart

Wherever Uranus is placed in your Natal Astrology chart is where you are being asked to “be different”, to use the energy of Uranus by daring not to conform. Here is a much shortened version of what Uranus in the various houses can bring. If it is placed in the chart in the:

First House: Dare to show your eccentricity—or Aires: This will be an odd transit for you, bringing opportunities and the consequences that inevitably come with them. As bold as Aires is, Aries rules the head and is metaphorically hardheaded, and they are not comfortable with the changes that Uranus brings into the areas of their lives where they are not certain how they feel or what they believe. So Aires can expect changes to these areas of their lives. When it is over they will look back and hardly recognize that they are the same person they were and they will be ready to embrace a whole new ideology .Friends and family will say “ I never expected you to…………But this transit will given them the power to reinvent themselves in a meaningful way.Not an opportunity to be passed up.

Second House: This placement calls for exploring and initiating unconventional ways of survival----or Taurus: Here we have those folks who have the down to earth realistic view of life…..and they are notoriously bull headed as well! These folks like to feel as if any changes that come into their lives are the direct result of their decisions and actions alone. They don’t like feeling compelled or adrift. This could be a time of an unexpected relationship with someone new. It could be a romantic union, but more realistically it might be someone who acts as a friend or mentor: whose belief system is diametrically opposed to their own. Taurus is notorious for maintaining the status quo, so here is an opportunity to have an experience to help them put them on a new path, even if it is not an easy one…with Uranus it will be fascinating! The good news is that this new person can literally change your life; and while Taureans don’t normally allow that type of thing to happen this time they will not have a chance.

Third House: Dare to express your eccentric views to the educational institutions: or Gemini: Geminis are accustomed to talking their way in and out of a variety of issues and circumstances. They engineer their lives and they usually enjoy doing so. This causes excitement and many times success in what they want to achieve. ----However, it doesn’t always work out because they scatter their energies instead of putting them to good use. Mercury, the lower octave of Uranus is to communication as Uranus is to Technology: it is to the close to home as Uranus is the far afield. Squaring off from Pisces they will be facing challenges that seem to come out of the blue .But while the challenges are unexpected so are the rewards. The wants and needs of Gemini’s are tuned to instant gratification, but this transit can make them see that an opportunity passed over can sometimes be a chance lost forever. The good news is that although they might overlook an ability or an opportunity someone else has taken notice and is prepared to act upon that knowledge , to your benefit and they will come to see that they are more talented than they realize.

Fourth House: This calls for detachment from family life as you were taught and to begin to discover new and innovative ways to develop your own emotional grounding. or Cancer: Cancer’s needs are tied to the 3 S’s: security, stability and Safety. During Uranus’ transit thru this area, Cancerians will have the opportunity to confront their reliance on these areas of their lives and understand what is lacking to make you need them so much. The United States is a Cancer Sun so much of the experience of Cancerians over the 8 year stay in Pisces, will be a microcosm of what is happening to our Nation. Political views may change to the extreme. Cancerians may discover a Spiritual void in their lives and fill it. They may be motivated to take on a new religion, one that is not the result of having been taught or conditioned by anyone else. Cancer relates to family and whatever their upbringing was they will no longer be afraid to swim against the tide. Rebellion will win out.

Fifth House; Here your creativity must shine in your own eccentric way. Your daily work environment should be beset with original and creative opportunities. : Or Leo: This transit will present a hugh challenge for Leo’s. While the gains may seem effortless at this time there are also losses that need to be experienced so that they can truly grow. Uranus rules their opposite sign so there is a natural polarity represented by this transit. So while they may feel an increase in their optimism, so will they feel an increase in their fear of failure. Their nature is to do everything in a big way. They very rarely worry about what the cost may be. Now with Uranus the realization comes to them that there could be a threat of failure: but the good news is that a transformation, due to the thread of realism that comes thru .Even Leos can have failures and that realization will transform the personality, suddenly and unexpectedly.

Sixth House; Health concerns should be addressed most diligently. Uranus here can bring about an illness of an unknown: or Virgo. –Virgos are naturally cautious and very often timid people. They are usually so bright that they can calculate the level of experience in any situation and then actually believe they have experienced it even though they may be virgins in the area of discussion or happening. So this transit will cause them to open up, like it or not, and the good news is that they will recognize they have never really stood alone on their own two feet but will be forced to do so now. The feeling of true independence is likely to be overwhelming to them but will produce growth.

Seventh House: The marriage will be out of the ordinary. The partner in a marriage or relationship may be of a different culture. There can be sudden alliances and separations. : Or- Libra: While Uranus was in Aquarius it represented a milestone for Libras. Now the roller coaster ride has stopped. Librans will now be presented with Unique opportunities, unexpected and not wished for. It will present them with the opportunities to open your eyes to areas of your life where you have never gone before and in the deepest reaches of their imagination. Librans can sail thru life on charm and good conversation and at this time they will be made aware of far greater gifts that they possess and will be forced to use them. The good news is they will be able to transcend the trendiness of their lives and concentrate on weightier things; perhaps the supernatural.

Eighth House: These folks are often intrigued by astrology, parapsychology and other occult sciences. This position of Uranus may bring an unexpected legacy. Or Scorpio: Scorpions will develop an amazing power; and sense of mission almost a sense of destiny. Here we have two water signs interacting and the fathomable depth of Pisces is well known, of being fluid, in a state of flux: here we have a the tumultuous Uranus interacting with an intense and deep controlling water sign. One ruled by Pluto who prides itself on being able to manipulate anyone and anything. So it is very rare if ever that a Scorpio would ever meet up with anyone or anything that would exert this powerful unexpected influence over them. But it is almost certain that a person will come into their lives that will change the course of their lives, and hopefully for the better.

Ninth House: Here we have the restless rover, unexpected journeys, the study of metaphysics and different religious faiths. or Sagittarius- The archers believe in luck, both good and bad, they are one of the most positive signs and even believe that bad luck can be a positive element in their lives. Sags hunger for new experiences. They also seem to have in instinctual understanding of what it means to give yourself up to chaos and reap an unprecedented level of wisdom as a result. Sags will be going thru life as a cosmic revolving door with people coming and going in and out on every human every human level. Some will be missed and others will not be welcome, but any sort of bond will now take on a spiritual resonance of a familial relationship. The good news is, for once the Universe is telling Sags it is singing its song. It is telling them to take the risks they have always believed in taking. When it is over all Sags will be different and never again be the same.

Tenth House: The individual born with this placement of Uranus must be his own boss. Aviation, electronics and broadcasting are some of the fields to which these folks would aspire to. Or: Capricorn: Not risk takers by nature; but there is an element of adventure in their personality that attracts danger to them. Saturn, their ruler was born of Uranus, and then Saturn castrated and killed his Father. So the power of the myth still lives on in the lives of Capricorns. While this transit can bring amazing opportunities to Capricorns they have to break out of their solitary mold and get involved with groups who have the same professional goals that they do.

. The good news is that they will fail in some of their attempts and that is good because Capricorns are accustomed to being successful in everything they do because they won’t risk anything at all. This will teach them the real meaning of success and they will never err again.

Eleventh House: Here we have the humanitarian, with a natural responsiveness for the feelings of others. One who wishes to promote the common good for all people, the true democrat. : or Aquarians: While Uranus has been transiting your own sign over the past few years and things have changed by night and day, which is not easy for Aquarians who don’t like change, all of those changes are about to transcend on an esoteric level now. All the change has been reading them for the amazing experiences which lie ahead. The Universe has been your teacher for the past several years and only now will you begin to benefit from what you have learned. Not a surprise but many of their analytical skills on which Aquarians rely are likely to be replaced by their adherence to intuition and instinct. Fixed signs have a hard time owning up to a belief which cannot be proven by research or scientific methods. The good news is that Uranus is their planetary ruler and their souls vibrate naturally to its energy. So this transit will not be a stretch for you, but leave you wiser than ever.

Twelfth House: Here we have the one who is very likely to have startling psychic experiences which he/she will not divulge for fear of being reprimanded and misunderstood. A rebel against fate, trying to understand an imperfect world supposedly created by an omnipotent being. : Or Pisces: These folks will embark on a transcendental journey like nothing they have ever experienced before in their lives. With the planet of revolution transiting their sign change is given. Whatever their age or their experience in life these eight years will be the making of them in many ways. It will be as if they have finally given themselves permission to be the individuals they have always wanted to be. This may seem extreme, but they must not lose sight of the fact that this is absolutely essential to their emotional, intellectual and spiritual development at this time. In a typical water fashion, they have a philosophical attitude about change. Even though they don’t like it they know it happens for the best -----and they have and incredible ability to turn even difficult circumstances into a formula for success. The good news is they will look back on this time in their lives with gratitude and realize that it was the most exciting and beneficial time of their lives.

Lest we forget the placement of Uranus through the houses listed above is simply a smattering of what an in depth analysis of Uranus in your Natal chart would be.

Treat yourself to a reading and find out first hand where you could be in for sudden unexpected changes in your life, explore the path you might take for your highest good and the avenues open to you to grow and develop both spiritually and personally.

Ann Cortese, B.S., M.P.S.

Has been a Professional Astrologer and Counselor for 40 years, Member of NCGR, ISAR and past member of AFAN and AFA served as Board Member of the NCGR Fairfield Connecticut Chapter of NCGR and studied under Charles and Vivia Jayne, Donald Yott and Meria Epstein of New York City. Taught Astrology and a five year course in Tibetan Buddhism for the MCNJ, teaches astrology classes and gives private instructions, lectures, holds group readings. Private practice includes personalized taped readings for clients. Available for Natal Chart, Solar Return, Present Transits, Sec. Progressions and Solar Arc, and Compatibility readings. Gift certificates available. All readings include a Meditation CD. For information on chart readings or spiritual counseling please call ..610-765-1112.

Allow me to present you with choices to better your life, choose new and exciting paths to travel, and assist you in finding “your true self” that will set you free. To obtain a complete reading of your chart please contact me at

astroac12@aol.com -or- call area code 610-765-1112

©AnnCortese, BS. MPS July 12,2007 all rights reserved


Alexander, Skye: Magickal Astrology : Career Press Incorporated, 2000.

Geddes, Shelia: The Art of Astology:The Aquarian Press, Great Britian, 1980

Moore, Marcia & Douglas, Mark: Astrology, The Divine Science: York Harbor, Maine, MCMLXXVIII

Yott, Donald H: Uranus : Notes from Astrology Classes given at the Metaphysical Center in Wayne, NJ. 1970

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