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Grace, Gaia, and The End of Days

by Stuart Wilde

The following excerpt is taken from Grace, Gaia, and The End of Days: An Alternative Way for the Advanced Soul, by Stuart Wilde. It is published by Hay House (March 2009) and available at all stores and online. www.hayhouse.com


An Alternative Way for the Advanced Soul


Stuart Wilde

Grace, Hope, and Good Fortune

The divine wind of grace offers you hope and good fortune—it can cure everything. It can grant you an invisible protection, a miraculous healing; it can offer you visions through what I call “pure information,” which is downloaded data that comes to you directly as visions, extrasensory perception, and dreams. Grace can carry you to dimensions and places of learning far beyond anything discovered by humankind before. Grace can grant you clemency for your darkness and liberate you. Grace is pure love; it is a great gift, the Sacred Healer, but it is one that is poorly understood. In this book, I seek to redress that and give you the keys to levels of metaphysical comprehension and sophistication not available elsewhere.

To a Christian, grace is good fortune: it was an “amazing grace . . . that saved a wretch like me,” as it says in the famous song. To a Hindu, it is good karma, enjoyed as beneficial events that flow to a pure soul. A Muslim might see it as the approval of Allah.

What I discovered is that grace is an energy, a technology from other dimensions that you can learn to harness and develop, and you can even watch it moving and flowing right here in 3-D. I don’t mean this in an airy-fairy, “living in the light” New Age way. It is a real technology: a methodology of data transfer that’s described in digital-fractal codes that arm you with a new power, a new discipline, a healing, and a protection that you can learn to acquire.

The Catholics talk of the “Virgin Mary, full of grace,” but no one seems to have ever met one—those types of girls are rare down at the Dog and Duck pub where I hang out. And because the overall concept of grace got captured by religion, modern people tend to ignore it as irrelevant.

There is a mirror-world to ours where your mirror-self exists. The South American shamans call it the Aluna, a nice word meaning “of the moon.” There are vast amounts of energy flowing out of the Aluna into our three-dimensional plane—more than all the power/energy consumed on Earth each day. But the airy-fairy context in which grace is set in today’s mind is really a con-trip to make sure you ignore it.

We know so much about it now that was not known five years ago. It can heal you almost instantly, it can show you the other dimensions, and it can help protect you. It is vastly complex and laced with vital information and much love.

If I make it more technical, will you agree to believe in it more? It might save your life. It’s a mathematical formula of pure love that’s very ancient, far older than this universe. It is an overlay from a multidimensional hyperspace stated as an iteration of that ancient formula expressed as a binary on-off code, delivered (housed) in a digital-fractal geometry of great beauty and great complexity, like a fractal. If you’re not familiar with fractals, you might like to look up the Mandelbrot set—it’s the famous fractal that looks like a Buddha lying down on his side.

In the hyperspace of the inner worlds, information is housed in these geometric patterns—pictures of great complexity—just like pixels make up a digital photograph. The information flows from a place or places (dimensions) in colored tubes; and it rotates down from a 26-dimensional reality, through a 9-dimensional reality, down to us in 3-D. Opposite those 26 dimensions are thought to be 26 more in a further mirror-state, making 52 worlds, and the square of those is 52 × 52 = 2,704. So it is possible that grace is housed and delivered from a mega-gigantic artifact, vastly bigger than the universe that expresses or is laced in 2,704 dimensions. We don’t know exactly, as it is too large for us to comprehend.

We know for a fact that the digital-fractal geometry of grace is a heavily data-laden supplement of great complexity—data your etheric (life force) understands and reacts to, even if your waking mind doesn’t understand it. We can’t as yet crack open one pixel of the data download in these fractal deliveries, as they move too fast. But when they are expressed in large numbers, we can easily feel them or even watch them in our mind’s eye, so we know how to describe it all.

In simple terms, we say it is molecules of the Great Goodness, but it is vastly more complicated than that. Imagine that you’re watching a man throwing seeds of wheat onto the ground in a field, and you’re too far away to see any individual seed, but you can see a handful of them as a waveform tumbling on the ground. Now let’s say that you’ve never seen wheat, and you don’t know that the end result is a piece of toast for breakfast—grace is watched in the same way as a digital-fractal waveform that can produce endlessly varied results: some of it we understand and most of it we don’t.

For example, in the power of grace there is a type of flutter that you first imagine as a fault in your nervous system, but it is in fact your etheric life force that’s fluttering, so it’s a quickening that you sense. The flutter sends data to your human cells instructing them to oscillate faster and become more alive. Essentially, the flutter is asking your cells to go backward in time biologically.

All the people I teach who get the flutter and any one of the other hundred or so artifacts (sensations of grace) start to look very alive and young for their age. It takes about six months for that change to be noticeable in people. They also develop superhuman stamina and strength, often sleeping just an hour or two a night. I can show you these things if you like, and I can tell you how to induce them, but the only thing I can’t guarantee is that you’ll see it all immediately. People’s abilities differ. What is possible now is extraordinary.

The Peruvian-American writer Carlos Castaneda knew of these things. He was an extraordinary man much maligned and attacked in his life. He wrote of the shamans in the sparse lands in the north of Mexico. He isn’t with us anymore, but strangely, he has no grave and no death certificate. He wrote in his books: “The warrior leaves no bones.” He knew the secret. He knew of the song of the wind and the eagle’s gift and the reality of the other worlds, describing them in a unique way. He had symmetry, and we now know he walked out of here—he did not die. We have always known that this type of walkout is possible, and Castaneda did it.

The parallel worlds are as close as the end of your arm, and I can show you more of this later. To do a “Castaneda,” you have to find the “Shimmering Door,” a 26-dimensional portal, which is discussed in detail in a later section.

I hope you’ll find this book at the very cutting edge of what humans know so far. To understand it and get the most out of it, you’ll need an open mind, and then you’ll have the understanding that almost everything you’ve read here is real. The dimensions are real; the otherworld sensations, like the flutter, are real; the celestial is real, as is the demonic. The inner beings are real, Kali is real, devils are real, angels are real, and all those subtle feelings and impressions you get and the visions and dreams and promptings you’ve had are real.

It wasn’t always like this. It all changed a few years ago. In this book are many things you should incorporate into your life to increase your power, but it takes an intrinsic alignment in your feelings for real success. If you just skim-read this text with your mind, you’ll miss the best of it, and your progress may be disappointing. You have to jump in “sight unseen,” holding your nose and learn to trust.

Believe everything—that was my tactic . . . it worked brilliantly. The celestial all came true in the end, nothing went missing, and nothing in the complexity of the grace-data ever turned out wrong or misaligned. In years of watching it, we never made any real mistakes. Then again, there are many things we still don’t know.

Do this first: hold your first two fingers up to the light, very close together, and you will see little black lines between them. If you can’t see this, your fingers could be too wide apart or too firmly together. Those black lines are interference patterns that are created while particles of light (photons) are trying to squeeze between your fingers.

A very famous experiment was performed by Alain Aspect at the University of Paris in 1982 using those interference patterns to establish the nonlocal nature of the quantum world. Nonlocal means that things can be in two places at once. You are also in two places at once; there’s another version of you, a mirror-self, an exact replica—the German word is doppelganger.

In March 2001, 15 others and I experienced another form of interference pattern that we came to call the Morph. It looks like dry rain when it pervades the room, and there are swirls and patterns and speckled lights in it. When you put your hand up into it, your hand dematerializes from the tips of your fingers downward.

I wrote about the day that it first appeared in my last book, The Art of Redemption. Fifteen of us dematerialized in a house in Australia . . . but I won’t go into that story here now, as the regular Stuie Wilde readers might get irritated reading it all again, so I’ve put the “Arrival of the Morph” story at the back in the Appendix for those new readers who haven’t read it before and wish to do so now.

The Morph, as we understand it, is a 9-dimensional energy, which is actually part of a 26-dimensional world that threaded its way into our 3-D one. As it came into our world, it created the same interference patterns as those you see between your fingers, a 9-D light crossing our 3-D light, the difference being that the patterns of the Morph are vastly more complicated because it has trillions of quanta of information in it.

We found we could lie on a bed in meditation and download hundreds of four-color visions per day. I taught several thousand people to see it, and the Morph became our teacher. We compared information, and what one saw was what the others saw. It was uniform. It all comes from the same place.

I’ve jotted down more than 100,000 visions since it started eight years ago. I’ve seen many, many video clips—instructional videos that play in my mind’s eye like watching TV—and some of them have played on an external wall of the room I was in, as if projected in the way a regular film might be.

Many of us have seen the honeycomb-patterned dome that surrounds us, which we call the Matrix. One day we broke through it, and beyond it is the mirror-world that the shamans of South America call the Aluna. Once the net of the Matrix was broken, our knowledge—which was already expanding by leaps and bounds—rocketed.

The story of how we broke the Matrix and got through was a big party and too long to tell here. The ghouls infest the Matrix as a control trip, so naturally they were trying to stop us, but we had help, and the Morph showed us how not to be scared of them anymore and how to beat them at their own game.

Anyone can get to the Aluna now through the Matrix. When you first see the Aluna, it looks like a blue-gray mist. Sometimes it has speckles in it, so that’s why I named it “the speckled ambience.” Okay, let’s move to the mother lode, lickety-split . . . good, good, good.

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