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Astrological Forecast for March 2009

by Lou Valentino

Just the idea of March brings warmth after a cold winter season. Daylight savings starts March 8th so set your clocks forward Saturday night before bed or when you awake on Sunday morning. The Spring Equinox is on March 20th at 7:43AM EDT.

This month the sign of Aries is making a relationship choice, Pisces is creative, Virgo is trying to let go of the old, Pisces has physical energy and Aries starts a new course of action on March 26th.

Venus moves in retrograde motion in the sign of Aries on March 6th at 12:17PM EST. Those born under the sign of the ram are evaluating their relationships. They wonder why they are in relationships with people. This is a deep inner questioning of motivation from themselves and the people who they are closest with.

Aries has the problem of getting in and out of relationships quickly and regretting afterwards their inability to see how they hurt others through quick thought and action reflexes. This Venus regrtrograde lasts till April 17th trying the patience of the ram. The answer for Aries comes on March 26th and action to complete the outcome of their choice of relationship is finalized by April 17th.

Mercury moves into Pisces on March 8th giving those born under the sign of Pisces creative energy for writing a song, poem, book, play or movie. Mercury is about communication and writing. Daylight savings starts on the 8th also so set your clocks one hour forward.

As the Moon turn’s full on March 10th at 10:38PM EDT in the sign of Virgo at 20 degrees we see an opposition between those born under the sign of Pisces and Virgo. Pisces wants to swim and flow on this full Moon but Virgo adds caution to how much swimming is appropriate.

Saturn in retrograde motion is conjunct this full Moon and opposes Uranus in Aquarius. Those born under the signs of Virgo, Pisces and Aquarius are reaching a choice between conservative values and liberal freedom. Trying to find the balance between work and pleasure.

As Saturn conjuncts the full Moon in Virgo those who are Virgo feel the weight of life’s responsibilities. Virgo may find themselves under a lot of pressure to meet deadlines that cannot be realistically met.

Pisces on the other hand has Uranus conjunct the Sun opposing the Saturn conjunct Moon. Pisces is all over the place. They are at a height of rebelliousness and can create the most original artwork at this time. If you are born under the sign of Pisces take advantage of this full Moon energy to perfect your artistic craft in whatever area you are talented at. This energy is ripe from March 8th to March 17th for the sign of Pisces.

And Pisces has the energy to do the work with Mars moving into Pisces on the 14th. This gives those born under the sign of the fish plenty of energy over the next two months. Now is the time to practice and perfect your physical body with a new health plan. Get yourself ready for the summertime so you can attract mermaids on the beach. Pisces is ready to feel physically and emotionally on tract by the end of May.

The affirmation for the first half of this month is: I CAN DO IT. I AM PERFECTION.

Spring starts on the 20th at 7:43AM EDT as the Sun enters the sign of Aries. All of the sudden the energy of this month turns to those born under the sign of Aries.

Not only does the Sun move into Aries on the 20th then on the 25th Mercury moves into Aries and finally the new Moon on the 26th is in Aries at six degrees around 12:06PM EDT.

Those born under the sign of Aries are busy beavers. Physical energy will be high and thoughts will flood the mind. Most of the thinking will surround relationships as the new Moon has Venus on one side and Mercury on the other side.

The Sun, Moon, Venus and Mercury are forming a square with Pluto causing tension in relationships in the personal lives of Aries and also at work with co-workers. This is a time when Aries should go for a walk and take a couple of deep breaths to cool off. Take a yoga class to learn how to slow down but at the same time give your body and mind a workout that teaches flexibility.

The ram has the reputation in the Zodiac to be self absorbed. Now is the time to be more selfless or Pluto could take you for a ride you could have avoided. That Pluto ride challenges the ram to break old habits of attachment. Attachment to thinking you are the only person experiencing your life. The life of Aries affects everyone around them and this is a strong wake up call to allow others their feelings of expression as well.

The Full Moon signature was Scorpio which is deep. The Aries new Moon has a lot of Aries energy. Look for strong debates in international politics the second half of this month. A strong crackdown on corruption in government and the international banking system which includes Wall Street CEO’s.

Since Aries rules war we could see troubled areas in the Middle East back at each others throats. Barack Obama will also have to show the American people that he is pulling troops out of Iraq or American’s will start to react in a negative way to him about this area.

I predict that by the end of March moving into April for tax time we could see an upsurge of protesting regarding how our money is being given out by the federal government. America will start to voice a forgiveness of debt and that Obama needs to support the people by talking with the leaders of the international banking system. Forgiving 50% of all debt in order to keep the system alive.

Look for a leveling off of the economic problems to start by the third week of May as Saturn turns direct.

The affirmation for the second half of March is: I AM PATIENT. I AM STEADY. I AM.

Next month I will talk about Pluto turning retrograde, Mercury in Taurus, Full Moon in Libra, Venus in Pisces in retrograde motion, Venus turn direct, Sun in Taurus, Venus in Aries, new Moon in Taurus and Mercury moves into Gemini. Until then may perfection manifest in and around you. May you have patience and be at peace with whatever comes your way. Namaste.

Lou Valentino has been giving astrological readings since 1995 of both Western and Vedic (India). Many clients have commented that his readings are full of information to clarify their life's path when dealing with difficulties. He currently lives in Connecticut.To schedule an appointment call 860-664-9247 or email lsoma@aol.com

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