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Denali Institute of Northern Traditions
Karen Clickner
Article Archives
Lou Valentino
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Light Healing
Lynn Andrews
Alternatives For Healing
Web Partner Links
Be sure to visit our Web Partners. Use this section as a resource. It includes a growing list of links to some of the many interesting Holistic, Spiritual and Metaphysical sites available on the world wide web. To report bad or inactive links please Email Us.
Amazing Indotalisman
Amazing magickal products straight from the Arabian Nights! Includes genies, talismans, magickal pearls, bezoar stones, empowerment rituals, knowledge papers, etc.

Ancient Wisdoms
We carry a great selection of natural bath & aromatherapy products, herbs & herbal products, oils, incense, fine crafts, handbags, shoes, candles, magickal books & much more.

Animal Communicator & Animal Reiki Healers
Professional animal communicators and Reiki Masters who specialize in Animal Reiki. Thom and Jonquil Williams bring compassionate animal healing to all species of pets and can accommodate animals with gender preferences. Resolve behaviors by finding out what your pet is experiencing and they help negotiate changes. Understand health issues, feeding problems, trauma (including PTSD) from your pet's point of view. Help relive with gentle and effective Reiki. End-of-life, pet loss grief support and lost/stolen pets. Worldwide by phone or email. Our open hearts honor all animals with love, compassion and respect.

Artistic Gifts through OpenWindo Gallery
A cooperative online store of emerging artists and crafts people. Reasonably priced products designed to uplift, inspire and support spiritual growth. Includes jewelry, oracle cards, art guidance cards, whimsical creations and talismans.

Crescent Moon Herbals
Enjoy our herbs, teas, local honey, candles, Tarot, Native American gifts and much more. A place where Magick can happen. Open Thursday - Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. 76 Center Road, Lebanon, ME 04027 Telephone: 207-457-1114 Website: www.crescentmoonherbals.com Email: crescentmoonherbals@excite.com

Earth Transitions
This site focuses on both inner and outer "technologies" bridging the gap between science and spirituality, as we enter this planetary shift. The inner technologies featured on this site explore modern day approaches to ancient relationships which indigenous tribes the world over have maintained with the Spirits of Nature.

Eclectic Artisans-Pagan & Wiccan Supplies
Fine Goods for the Magical & Mundane. Eclectic Artisans is the first online marketplace of its kind where people of the New Age, Metaphysical, Pagan & Wiccan communities are able to come together to buy *AND* sell high quality, hand crafted, artisanal New Age, Metaphysical, Pagan & Wiccan products. From vegan friendly hand crafted artisan soaps, to hand cast solid bronze statuary, to over 200 different types of herbs as well as books, home decor, new age jewelry, ritual instruments, spell supplies & magical components. Are you a talented artisan? Come and showcase your items with us. Each sale helps support local artisans within the New Age/Pagan communities, and to keep our mission alive. We have raised the bar on quality, and are changing the way people shop within our community.

Element of Harmony
Our goal at Element of Harmony is to promote healthier living through the practices of Feng Shui, Herbal & Nutritional counseling & education,the use of crystals, aromatherapy,mantras & meditation.

Ethereal Art of Marcia Snedecor
Oil paintings and prints inspired by Nature, mythology and the Divine Feminine. Marcia uses archetypal symbols as psychic touchstones for spiritual expression. These deeply moving images have emerged as visions from the soul. Her artwork will touch, nourish and inspire.

Flower Essences & Aromatherapy from Tree Frog Farm
Organic, all natural, alcohol free flower essences and aromatherapy blends created on a micro eco-farm and wildlife sanctuary in the Pacific northwest, USA. Phone consultations and personalized blends available.

Journeys With Soul Tours
the home of spiritual tours to the world's ancient sacred sites. We’re committed to creating profound, exciting, fun and even life-changing tour experiences that you’ll not only enjoy but that will assist you on your life's path. By creating a space in which we are all respected and honoured on our individual journeys in life, we have found that each person is able to receive what they need from their journey with soul.

Modern Art & Wellness
Colorful contemporary artwork, inspirational messages, organic gardening tips, natural health cures, and wise quotes.

Satya Jewelry
Blending spiritual symbols, healing gemstones and sacred meanings, Sayta Jewelry is created with grace, style and a global consciousness. Founders/designers and long time friends Satya and Beth translate their spiritual exploration into jewelry with the intention to inspire each persons individual truth.

Spiritual Retreats, Spiritual Journeys and Women's Retreats!
At Journeys of the Spirit you will find we have a different and refreshing approach to spiritual retreats and journeys. Our intent is for your spiritual transformation & personal growth with the opportunity to visit incredible sacred sites, and experience distinctive and extraordinary itineraries! If you are searching for your personal freedom and happiness and a loving and supportive environment these sacred journeys and spiritual retreats are for you!

The Kyanite King | Gemstone Dealer
Gemstones, Tapestries, Jewelry, Beads, Scientific and Metaphysical lore

The Visionary Art of New World Creations
Subject matter includes Goddesses, Angels, Feng Shui, Landscapes, Florals, Dolphins, Fantasy, Spiritual and Metaphysical Art, Fractals, Mandalas, Sacred Symbols, a monthly contest, specials, licensing and commissioned illustration. Retail and Wholesale.

Wendy Wildcraft
Wendy Wildcraft offering high quality elusive and common dried herbs, spices and flowers.

Wren's Grove Metaphysical Store
Wren's Grove Metaphysical Store carries the items you need for your spiritual and mystical practices. We actively carry a vast selection of items such as handcrafted candles,esoteric books, herbs, oils, incense, tarot decks, crystals, jewelry and hard-to-find items for Shamanism, New Age, Pagan and other mystical traditions.

Zarifa's Touch of Egypt
Zarifa's Touch of Egypt, the Rogue Valley's only resource for Egyptian statues, collectables and other Egyptian decor, unique belly dancing scarves, veils and dancing swords, healing candles and stones, metaphysical and spiritual books/CD's, tarot decks and tarot readings, and other metaphysical accessories.

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Lynn Andrews
Nancy Johansen
Light Healing
Elizabeth Joyce
Lou Valentino
Alternatives For Healing
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